A KI Character Action Game

I always wanted to see characters from Killer Instinct in a game that isn’t restricted to a 1vs1 scenario, and Microsoft wants to make a new KI game but can’t find the right studio to do it.
Since Ninja Theory belongs to Xbox, why not make a character action game set in the same universe?
You can criticize the DmC Reboot all you want, I still think gameplay-wise it’s a great game (and it undeniably did inspire some things in Devil May Cry 5).
They are currently working on Hellblade II, but after that I would like them to do a KI spin-off.
This may also make more people aware of the Killer Instinct games.

The protagonist could be anyone from Jago to Kim Wu, Orchid, Maya, TJ Combo, Thunder or Tusk.
The story could be about bringing down Ultratech and could be set before Shadow Lords.
Among the standard enemies would be Fulgore, Killgore and Stalker Units, and the Bosses could be Sadira, Cinder, Spinal, a mind controlled Eagle and, of course, ARIA.
Jago could already have control of his shadow form, so Shadow Jago could be his equivalent to a Devil Trigger from Devil May Cry.
A possible sequel could cover the events of Shadow Lords.

Edit: The Sequel could have the Ultratech characters actually playable.
As for the soundtrack: Mick Gordon, Celldweller & Atlas Plug, Casey Edwards


I like the idea. Personally I’ve always wanted something like a KI version of “MK Shaolin Monks” where we get to explore more of KI’s cyberpunk dystopian world.


I really like the idea of it having multiple playable characters the way DMC5 handled it. Maybe even something comparable to a Warriors game even.

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You could also throw in DLC for the ultratech side where you play as

Cinder, Riptor, Sadira, and Fulgore.


Hell, why not make that the main game? After all, there aren’t a lot of games where the perspective is that of the bad guy’s. I could see some fun stuff being done with the concept, like, researching into new types of variations, creatures, etc. Maybe have more elements that delve deeper into the cyberpunk aspect of KI or something where there could be some interesting fusions of cyberpunk and the occult?


Imagine a hybrid game with the level design and fight system of DmC, the large roster of characters of a Warriors game, and the individual character stories of a fighting game. I get goosebumps.

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If we go with my potential idea for a sequel, then Ultratech helps with fighting Gargos, that could mean that they will be playable too.

I would love a game where I can just run around and fight as Riptor!

Personally I would rather there be more focus on like other corporations. I would love if it if there was a game where we could create our own Ultratech-styled corporation that allows us to create our own creatures, technologies, weaponry, etc, with an element of industrial espionage.