A gigantic thank you to the KI community

I just wanted to say thank you to this community and the forum friends. before KI, my only real fighting game i had ever gotten good at was Injustice and even then I didn’t really understand it. KI was not only the first fighting game, but the first GAME were I felt like I was truley a part of the community. People on here like @ItzTymeToDul , @KevBones10 , @TheNinjaOstrich , @Dayv0 and many many more have made this game and these forums truly feel like home. It’s because of this that I was even willing to branch out and try other fighters like GG XRd, SFV, MVCI, and more. I also loved getting the chance to make what little fan art I have and becoming a better artist in the process. KI has become one of if not my favorite game ever and I feel like these forums play a huge part in that.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for the experiences I have had and will hopefully continue to have, so long as I am smart enough to “stay tuned” :wink:

(p.s. this isn’t a goodbye, just thought I would get introspective for a little bit)


No problems. We love you. :slight_smile:

I know we haven’t met in person before, but I’m sure that you are awesome dude. I want to say that I’m still happy about my avatar profile, it look really great. Thank you for drew KevBones fanart.

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I hope you continue to play and grow from your time playing KI (even if you keep playing KI lol)

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I really understand the feeling @Crainiak24 =)

This community forum is the best one I’ve ever been in. At this point of my life I really don’t want to take part in more forums nor social media tbh. But this place feels just right. When I get matched with someone from the forums I’m like “oh! I know this person!” Lol.
I haven’t play most of the guys here, that’s something I regret, but despite liking the game I don’t play fighters online much, they stress me.

But this forums helped me a lot to express, learn and get to know really nice ppl. Love ya guys :3 !

PS: I did play your Eyedol once (months ago) I was using my boyfriend’s account. Ggs,you beat me, I had to lab Eyedol more, because I was a liiiiittle salty. But it didn’t last :wink: Lol


thanks :slight_smile:
I actually took a long break from KI (long enough to fall back into gold) and am trying to reclaim my tittle. However, because I played so many games in between I think I’m pretty darn rusty. I’m grinding ranked with Tusk right now trying to almost re-learn KI.
But you and I ought to throw down sometime, should be fun :smiley:


also, just looked at some of your artwork and I must say you are ridiculously talented.

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Thanks!!, I really appreciate it


Sure! I’ll be playing a lot next week :sunglasses:

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You are most definitely very welcome, fellow KI fan :smile: :grin: