A future killer instinct quest game spin off?

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I love KI and with the new back stories in sure we would love to see KI have future side projects and maybe expand the universe into other MS games such as a God of War adventure or a Dark Souls or The Division or Lords of the Rings type game with a few or many KI characters.

My fave would be a Marvel Ultimate Alliance type game with KI characters

I’m with everyone who feels they should be planning for KI4 even now,
And support season 4 with additions of stages and a few characters and launch ki4 fully 3D with final fantasy or soul calibur quality or a smart God of War or Marvel Ultimate Alliance-type Klller Instinct retcon where you have an open world with DCUO or league of Legends style based on the killer instinct IP.

loosely imagine Jago in kratos role but set in Asia and moves through the Shadow world of traveling to Sadira bog fighting spiders/ creatures along the way, encountering South American jungle of the Order happening upon Maya and fighting off snakes and tarantulas and killer exotic birds and a sub level featuring Kan Ra demons and possessed artifacts in dungeons-

A terrorist Call of Duty style level with Orchids Disavowed agents in a barrage of henchman coming at Jago

All on his final quest to the evil lair of Eyedol an intricate maze of skeleton creatures such as spinal, armies of the dead and traps featuring sentries of fulgore like tech

Along the way he picks up Kim Wu as support to expand help and leveling up RPG style to gain costumes abilities and pieces to the puzzles of his quest to overcome Spirit Gargos-

It could be marvelous! All the story is there it just needs to be developed like the next great The Division or Call of Duty or Metal Gear Solid

If not as expansive as an MMO, The Soul Calibur Series had a great mode called Chronicles of the Sword where you would defeat towers and fight individually at times to determine fate of towers it was like a virtual game of thrones meets fighting games setup.

Just dreaming!

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I wouldn’t mind a Killer Instinct origins game in the style of Ninja Gaiden. I think that would be awesome.

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How about something like Devil May Cry?

Kim Wu: Urban open world Beat’em up
Riptor: Team Action adventure Puzzler
Orchid: regular Cameo in future Perfect Dark games/ Slinter cell-ish
Hisako: open world RPG
Maya & Mira: tomb raider style dungeon exploration
Glacius: space war Strategy game

Ki chess, do it IG you know you want to!

Soul Calibur tried something like that with SC Legends… It was not successful.

Remember mortal kombat Armageddon or deception had the MK chess


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