A family that KI's together stays together 🇺🇸❤️🇬🇧

It’s Monday! :unamused:

That means most of us are depressed on our way to work wondering how the weekend went so fast! Or is that just me?

However though the frustration of not having enough time to play Xbox I’d like to share some happy news!

After 3 and a bit long years (or however long it’s been?) I finally got to meet @KiHazard Somone who I’ve been chatting to on here since the day one trailer launched!

It’s true what that say a family that KI’s together stays together :joy:!

Even though we have spent hundreds of hours online playing and chatting it was still nice to meet in person and to realise the gulf between real friends and cyber friends isn’t all that big at all!

So remember whatever you think or however different you are we are all part of the same family so cherish your similarities admire each other’s opinions and celebrate your friendships.

It was an honour to have you over to my place for dinner drinks and some (not allot but some) amazing Ki matches. Great to see you in London enjoying the city and all of the expensive recommendations :joy:

Even though we didn’t have lots of time for KI your B.Orchid was a B*#cH Orchid and we couldn’t have gotten any closer matches! My Eagle held up strong enough for me to have kept putting 50p into that arcade machine if it was one!

Anyway everyone enjoy Monday

Wanda ■■■



Mmmm… the last time I saw a pic of you with your beard, it was a bit greyer. :wink:

It’s always cool to meet online folks. :smiley:

It’s rather hard for me to put anything said better than Wanda! I must say the post is spot on and I hope everyone can appreciate the message behind it. At the end of the day, we all love KI and we all want to see it grow. After visiting The House Of Wanda And Vision, I have to say we need to help make sure that the game continues to do just that. It was so much fun to meet one of my favorite people in the world, not only to play KI in the same room, but also to experience our friendship in a different way! Ki has brought a lot of people together, and if you feel that you found a friend through it, continue that friendship and make it evolve!

Just hanging out, having an amazing dinner, enjoying each other’s company with stories and laughter… well it was almost surreal! It was as if I got to meet someone I had known and respected as a true friend my entire life!

I thank you @WandaMaximoff many many times for not just yesterdays visit, but everything you have opened my eyes to over the years and making this a trip of a life time!

So yes, a family that KI’s together, stays together! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for not just the game we here all love and play, but the many friendships that we all make.

Thank you again @WandaMaximoff I am surprised I wrote this much while on holiday to boot! But I truly believe it was special and hope other on the forums here can make the same type of connections!



And be kind to each other!


HAHA i havent dyed it!

its just shorter so looks less grey!! :joy:


I met my boyfriend in a KI tourney for which we trained before as online friends.
He sent me to losers the first time. Before taking a coffe with him the next days I had to drain all the tourney salt away first xD


OMG im SO inlove with this story!!!

I hope your better than him now :smiley: :joy: :heart:


He has better composure and tourney mindset than me, I get too anxious! XD
But in our ft10 I usually do better.
The last tourney I took the win after he reset Grand Finals.
But even we we’re dating by then the feeling of him being my final rival was distraccting. I honestly ended up very stressed. Anyone could have taken first place.
Having closer skill levels thought, can make the relationship a bit more balanced. Well, we have different playstyles too, it’s cool like that n.n


OMG you two are so cute!!!

sounds amazing!!! i want to see you guys play each other!!! do you share an xbox? Or do you both have one each!

Can we have a Killer instinct wedding!!! ?? :joy:


That’d be awesome :joy:


You are, by far the most beautiful woman alive! And a Sabrewulf main too boot! O.O :slight_smile: :smiley:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: nvr change ragnarok.


I want to go to London and play KI with @WandaMaximoff!

@ItzTymeToDul Why didnt you make a post like this after you met me in person :wink: lol


Now come on you know I am the most beautiful woman alive :joy::joy::joy::joy:[quote=“FallofSeraphs76, post:12, topic:21673”]
I want to go to London and play KI with @WandaMaximoff!

@ItzTymeToDul Why didnt you make a post like this after you met me in person :wink: lol

LOL shade! I think we should celebrate when we meet everyone is lovely!! Would love to have you come over to London and play we would have allot of fun!


We didn’t take a picture together, unlike me and @KevBones10


Yeah we did! I have it somewhere…let me check


Ok. Upload it champ. :+1: we need omens coming together.

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Only when your Ivy. :wink:


[quote=“WandaMaximoff, post:8, topic:21673”]
OMG you two are so cute!!![/quote]
Aww, thank you, you too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sounds amazing!!! i want to see you guys play each other!!! do you share an xbox? Or do you both have one each!

We weren’t together before, so each of us has their own X1 (we live in different cities, for the time being)
Actually :thinking:…During his vacations we ran an ft10 via twitch the last time.

Here there’s a reaction clip of us playing face to face, I recorded it because I couldn’t believe he did what he did! (sound was buggy and stream quality is low, I haven’t got the best internet for streaming, sadly)

Warning!! don’t watch it loud, girlfriend salt incoming) :sweat:

**read note

The bet? whoever loses pays the dessert! but a good one. I won, and of course we shared the dessert . It was something like a big brownie with ice cream and caramel, and almonds or something :cake:

It’s KI that makes us all beautiful :joy: :two_hearts:


It would be so nice to travel and meet so much cool people in this forums. At least in a tourney. Whished I could have gone. Love and respect to all of you :blush:

** note: I cried “YOU MASHED GRAB!!, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???”. I can’t believe he did that…I was expecting that dp so badly. I was sure that I would got him with the instinct. :confounded:
Oh, he answered: " because I saw you used instinct" anyway…I must remember he’s a more “defensive player” type.


Omg! You even swear adorable!!!


lol, you are killing me :rofl::rofl: