A *cool* Glitch ? What do you think

Here is a Video of the glitch at arbiter stage stage ultra vs tj combo after last breath . I find this glitch cool but I’m sure this glitch will be fixed , on season 2 I find a glitch with the stage ultra on TJ combo stage , using TJ combo . Slow motion hits on stage ultra , similar to slow combo enders / ultras on KI1 arcade and KI2 arcade. Here are both links.

https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ako0CAqXOrU6hDrt1uqJB3fUarah Season 3: Arbiter stage after TJ combo last breath Stage ultra Cool Glitch.

https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ako0CAqXOrU6gXkJlWBtZofP-169 Season 2 : TJ combo Stage , Stage ultra using TJ combo. Slow motion Hits.


Bugs like these should stay. They are pretty funny.


Isn’t the second video using a s2 build? I mean, shadow meter it’s blue, and TJ it’s using his old auto doubles

Yes , that one was removed on season 2, but i think it should stay.

We need the old ultra combo pace back.

This makes me miss that ridiculous Kan-Ra Ultra glitch where the opponent would slam left and right with Kan slamming books when you Ultra Ender out of his EX Command Grab.


The second video is awesome! Ahem… it’s like BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BANG! ULTRAAA!

It is actually really fitting for TJ since it is his stance and requires more exaggeration on the hits.

Thanks for posting this.