A color suggestion

The yellowish brown colors on shadow jago color 1 should be lighter/brighter like in his hero art:

Matter of fact I think shadow jago color 1 should look more like the image above.

His mask in color 1 should be black like in his new character select picture.

This is how his current color 1 looks like:

You can see the difference.

To me, Shago color 1 must stay just like it is.
No problem fon any variation to colors from 2 to 9, I don’t care…but color 1 is perfect.
Please leave the mask the color that has now.
if there is something that has to be adapted it’s the portrait in the select screen, a black mask would lose all the details that are visible now.

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It doesn’t have to be completely black.

I know, but his mask has always been like this, the portrait is wrong.
The good of the mask as it is now, is that it almost blends with the skin tone, displaying the face of Shago as a skull which is different from the simple appearance of a mere masked face.
KI is a dark game (I mean graphically), Shago in his alternative colors has masks darker than the default one and in-game they are less incisive also because the details are drowned in the dark, imho.
I’m not arguing about personal taste, but I’d really like that color 1 remain as it is now cause with shago (color 1) they did a perfect job and, in my opinion, any attempt to improve him (design wise) would only damage him.