A Chozo warrior from Metroid Prime, guest

I can not get out of my head the Arbiter theme, I hope it’s released soon to shoot it in my room.
Maybe some of you will find it absurd, but also evokes something in me Metroid Prime universe, when in 2002 (if I remember correctly) came out for Xbox Halo and Metroid prime GC I chose Samus, soundtracks are very similar, with this dark and deep chorus, and this feeling of mystery, like the theme of the Chozo.
I would not mind if a Chozo had been present as a guest at KI, a hybrid bird-man missing to the roster.


Would be cool…never gonna happen. lol

We already have chozoid Glacius. So yeah… Nope.

Yes, a Chozo or perhaps Samus would be great to have in this game. But I am one hundred percent sure that it will never happen. Nintendo only let their characters appear as guests on their own consoles. Link and Little Mac are only in the GameCube versions of Soulcalibur II and Fight Night Round 2 respectively, and Donkey Kong/Bowser are exclusive to the Wii U and 3DS versions of Skylanders Trap team. So unless for some reason Killer instinct is ported to Wii U, (It will not be!) we won’t be seeing a Chozo or Samus in Killer Instinct.