A cheap way to get more Characters

What if for a way to get More characters IG did something like Injustice did with Green Lantern Using Costumes. The character would just be a Costume for an already existing Character but the Modle, Voice and Name Plate would change and be different when going into a match after selecting the costume to make it appear more as a whole new character, this would cut cost of creating a whole new character and move set because that part is already all done and money would not be spent on doing that again.

Just like how in Injustice Green Lantern could be Yellow Lantern or John Stewart threw his Costume

We could have character’s like Zitz and Pimple as Rash costumes or This Kelvin Character people talk about as a Glacius Costume or This other guy that’s part of Mira’s organization as a Mira Costume.

This idea also stops clone character’s from taking up slots because they would be added as Costumes and if IG wanted to they could give these Character specific Costume their own Entrance and Exit cinematic as well to make them seem more like their own characters. Making These Type of character’s would cut cost for making a whole new character and it would be faster to make over a whole new character.

Now I’m not saying all new characters should be like this I’m saying just the ones who they could end up making that would end up fine as being clones but instead of clones they are costumes.


I kind of like this idea. It will cause some disappointment for people who WANT totally new move sets, but if the budget won’t allow it, then new move sets won’t happen anyway.

I don’t really see any negatives, so I guess it could be nice.

I would pay 5$ for a “pack” of character re- designs.

Master chief instead of arbiter.
Human aria.
Shadow the hedgehog instead of sabrewulf :stuck_out_tongue:

(Now that I think about it, number 3 would totally be possible, and fitting… except maybe some hitbox issues because of stance differences. I wonder if changing hitboxes to fit re- models is a thing that could be done… without hurting gameplay. :thinking: )

I would enjoy this idea, or some form of it. Good thinking.

Great idea.

These would do nothing, but cause alot of threads of people complaining. “Why is “x” character a skin for this character, they should have done character “y” instead”. “Character “x” should have been a full character”.

It would be the Shadow Jago issue all over again. No thanks.

Yeah Shadow Jago was technically this and all it did was cause people to want them to give him a unique moveset rather than satisfy anyone.


Actually, when shadow Jago came out, people were sad that they lost the ability to play as Jago, while having the shago skin. People asked to have him as a “skin” option again.

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Yeah but that’s a very small amount of people asking tho. Most welcomed the new moveset

I like this idea for lesser characters and henchmen.

Like: Generic Fulgores, Generic assassins, alt Omen…ect

IMPORTANT characters shouldn’t be “just a costume” though.

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I dunno. I think if the devs where to go this route I’d be better to have different fighting variations for each character. exactly like mortal kombat X. then they wouldn’t have to worry about characters being hidden in the skins sections and still get exposure. all MKX is really doing is letting players pick their special move set, and I can’t see why that would apply here.

I’m split here. I like the thought of having a skin and maybe audio differences like the Shadow Jago skin. I liked it because it felt like a top tier costume, the design also justified the skin because it was still Jago just evil, so the move set made sense.

If it were just a plain different character with no context then it may feel a bit odd I suppose. Not so much bad, just like meh. I would just favor costumes specifically designed for characters than “cheap” alternatives of getting characters. That or mods.

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I can’t agree with this. I am sorry.

This is exactly Season 1-2 Shago btw. And NOW they said no clones.

We have 2 characters already with remixed movesets. Aka Not clones.

Now we want skins/clones?!

Edit: I don’t mean to sound angry.

I need to blow off some steam today…

I always preferred shadow jago as an alternate skin for jago. I only wanted him as a separate character because I thought he would get the boss version of his moves = jago’s moves plus the other ones. Instead, they gave him an almost completely new set of moves, culminating in me not liking him in the end.

By the way, we got tj dressed up as blade so this idea could work.

If they did that, what would have been the point of regular Jago if Shago had everything he had plus the kitchen sink?!

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I;m with you on that, and btw isn’t Pimple and Zitz already colors for Rash?

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Different skins, instincts and finishers.

Skins and finishers don’t mean a damn thing on a gameplay perspective. Even instinct doesn’t mean anything considering Shago would have so much more to do than Jago (especially after the nerfs he got and even then it wouldn’t matter in the long run)

Main reason I like Shago getting a new moveset because it now makes him a completely unique character in both appearance and gameplay rather than making him just Jago but better


Well, put it this way. You don’t want a clone but Hypothetically say your gonna get one anyway regardless of what you want. Now would you rather the Clone cost the same as normal character that takes up a slot or would you rather that character become a costume which doesn’t cost as much as a whole new character leaving enough money to also make a whole none clone character and being a costume does not take up a slot in the character list leaving room for a character that is entirely new? Because it’s not a matter of what you want and don’t want it’s a matter of what you end up getting and how you get it .

More does not equal better. I’d rather have a handful of unique characters than a huge roster full of identical fighters.
I’m all for getting more customization options for characters, but if we get a new skin like Thunder’s it should be a selectable part of the character it reskins. If you’re going to go through the trouble of creating an entirely new character, it should be completely unique gameplay wise.

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I don’t think you understand how budgeting works.