A bug that developers won't fix

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Me and my friends on game pass pc, can’t access any of the characters except the free rotating ones, There have been multiple reports of this and devs are too lazy to fix this bs. SMH.

I don’t think KI isn’t getting developer support anymore. IG has moved on to other projects. This is the infamous ‘not online’ bug I believe. I’m with you, this is ■■■■■■■■■ but it’s not going to be fixed.

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Iron Galaxy finished on the project back in 2017 if I recall right, and have nothing to do with support for the game anymore.

Any support Killer Instinct does have is now with Xbox Studios.

Your best option for Game Pass related bugs would be to report it to Xbox Support.

I’m in a bit of a strange position at work at the moment which I don’t know how to handle except continue working. One of our senior programmers left the company. He was the only person with the knowledge of a section of a project which handles two drivers. I am still a junior developer I guess, ~16 months in. I was assigned to take over and get rid of two bugs. I’ve never dealt with drivers before.