A brief introduction

I’ve been trying to add more links but as I am a “new user” I can’t currently expand my post as much as I’d have liked

For those who don’t know me, I am a totally blind gamer with no vision whatsoever. I have been playing fighting games and rhythm titles for a number of years and (relatively recently compared to some members of what are at the time of writing the “new” forums) recently got playing Killer Instinct.

Since then, I joined ultra-combo.com and have been learning and hopefully improving with the help of the community as well as initiating chains of discussion. Amongst other things these have covered ideas for general or visual impairment-specific accessibility improvements and my thoughts and experiences with the game in general and online, in addition to getting advice/help with my playstyle and characters.

Speaking of those accessibility improvement ideas, I came up with one such idea a while ago (or at least I hadn’t seen it mentioned before that) and decided to make a thread on it. I discussed the concept of adding audio cues to the KV meter so that a person with no sight at all such as myself could be aware when the combo was about to automatically drop due to a KV blowout. Moreover, I discussed the possibility and advantages of giving Cinder’s burnout enders audio cues so that you as the player which set of limbs were affected and when the effect itself had dissipated.

I was surprised to receive a response from one of the development team stating that they would think about working the cues in. Low and behold, to my surprise, in the 2.9 patch KV cues, as well as cues for Cinder’s enders and for players’ shadow pips/bars filling up were added. Whilst some users on reddit have perceived the KV cues to be “an accident that I’m not a fan of” and want them removed, I believe all the hard work that is done can only help to bring the game to a wider audience.

As for the “new OS” mentioned in the subject line, I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and recorded the following footage. (please note: the fight in the first video was actually streamed through Windows 10 itself and along with that you’ll also get to see my day 1 rash…:
Rash (beta) Mirror match

Also, here’s some gameplay taken from an exhibition set that I played against another forum member, where I fought a hard battle as Fulgore against a relatively formidable Cinder.
Fulgore VS Cinder

This is not likely to be the last footage you see from me and I will likely add more in a relevant post/topic when I have reason to. On that note, if the moderators of this forum feel this is incorrectly placed, please feel free to let me know and move the topic accordingly.

I look forward to playing more matches with members of this community in the future and hopefully learning more about my characters and the game in general.

If you wish to ask me any questions about what I’ve said here, please feel free to send me a PM.

Kind regards,
Sightless Kombat.

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Really glad you got what you wanted! I for one like the idea of the KV meter “ding”, but the “ding” we have now is too loud and in your face in my opinion, however I’m certain it’ll get fixed. Keep gaming man!

I agree it’s a little loud for most, but I reckon that could be solved by a volume option for that in the options menu. Moreover, I think it’d be good to maybe have different alternatives as was done with the classic announcer - the current KV sound and maybe a couple of others, though I can’t say for certain what they’d be.

Also, if anyone wants to organise sets etc, PM me and I’m sure it shouldn’t be too hard to arrange something.