A bittersweet tourney experience

This last Sunday I got another chance to fight offline in the anual local tournament that takes place in my city.
This is the fourth year I go but only the third I got to play for real.

  • The first one didn’t count as a tourney but I’ll count it. Took place in 2015 where I only had 2 weeks experience, I was probably a silver. There were guys that had and played the game before me, but once I get the feeling of the match I beat all the opponents. Sadly for the lack of players the KI tourney never took place, only free play.

  • The second was in 2016, where I invited guys who came from other city and did play the game inlcuding one who was back (during Season 2) first Omen ranked online. In total we were like 16 players. Kinetic DNA sent me to losers, and after I was dealing with a lot of players his brother (the other strong player in there) eliminated me from losers ( I sent him to losers first after learning the Sadira MU as much as I could, but I wasn’t that good in the Orchid MU then).

I would define it as a combination of salt and dissapointment. Matches were close, but got eliminated.

I ended up totally demoralized, in fourth place, and the guy who got the third place got destroyed several times by me just with my pocket characters. There’s no justice in brackets :disappointed_relieved:

Did I regret inviting them? Yes and No. Yes: because that tourney would have been mine no doubt. No: because after that week I met my future and current boyfriend.
Sadly that was the tourney that got the most challengers. Starting from there the game would continue losing participants.

  • The third one in 2017…Apart from my boyfriend there was no more high level competitors. Again I had to face my boyfriend and my nerves in Grand finals, I got reset but I took the first place.
    It saddens me that despite the game being liked and accepted by other players in the country no one wanted to play in the tourney. The game was played all the time during free play but that was it. At least we tried to spread the word about the tourney.

I got reset 3-0 and then the next matches it was 3-0 in my favor.

  • Now time for the fourth and probably last one, in 2018 . Before this last tourney I tried to push the scene more ,even when Capcom Pro Tour took place I tried to find space for KI, but I didn’t got to organize anything, I didn’t get the support from the Xbox scene in that city, which is the biggest one.

It also amazes me how the “old KI veterans and lovers” just disappeared from everywhere. They had no interest and kept on saying the game was totally dead) . Tried going to sites that are popular in my regional FGC and not that welcoming with female gamers and had little response despite few shown interest in the game (and even passion)

Players from other fighters enjoying the game. Smash guys also showed some nice support

The almighty Street AA jab fighter will probably be the most played in the scene :persevere:. It’s cool ppl enjoy their game! . I just don’t get the need to bash the one I play for no reason at all :confused: ). But it’s mainly from players that never show up in tourneys. You get the idea… :smirk:

Eitherway, I was expecting some players from 2016 and maybe new players from Steam. But No one showed up (I’m a bit surprised though).
And some SFV players having lots of fun with KI didn’t want to take part either.

Would have loved to challenge the game haters to play but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t do it. Specially those who can’t deal with the idea of a woman beating them in a fighting game (what a tragedy! :scream:)

Gosh, I also remember at one moment I was explaining some things of the game to the guy who won in KoF XIV (he was amazed by the game) and the other “KI veteran lovers” around where more interested in a 80 combo that were doing in MAME than finally fight another KI players as myself face yo face.
And one just told in my face “no one plays that new KI though I believe is amazing”. What was I a ghost? “Lets play FT!” I said. And then he just went to play SF… anyway, there goes our KI fans and veterans, playing SFV and Tekken.
WOW! Their loyalty stuns me (kappa)

Ok!.. Back to the touney, my match in winners final in one word: CHOKED

It was 8 person tourney this time. But I had 2 players that were a challenge. I don’t know if there was a little input lag but I couldn’t get my inputs right. That along with the nerves to fight my boyfriend again (sent him to losers) and then his brother sent me to losers finals (that was the most horrible performance I’ve ever had in this game, no excuses I played 100% awful and totally choked. It wasn’t lack of MU knowledge but just plain anxiety.

After my boyfriend played the semifinals in losers we had to fight again and I got beaten even though I had the lead but didn’t play well enough. My final mistake was a wrong break that took my whole life (55% maybe, he had a shadow).

Stats say everything. I got broken more times than I can recall, and was too afraid to play the CB game.

Geeeeezzz. I accept that I had very intense fights with my boyfriend, they were actually fun!.

So I was supposed to be third this time but the finalist got DQ for going away (he had to go) and I was given the second place (? ? ?) . At least I’m happy for my boyfriend who got the first place.

destroyed…Tourneys photos! XD

For what I see the organizers aren’t doing KI next year. It’s a loss for them (they told me that) and no one wants to compete apart from a few.

Final words

Well, at least I got to play some very, VERY good players from other countries, and even some top players .
KI community has been good and nice to me. I wish I could have done more for a saga I love, but the game doesn’t get the attention to have more local competitors to try their chances and improve. I did what I could, but at least I could play decently.

There’s no way I could go to the last KIWC, nor that I have the level to play anyway. But I would have loved to assist such celebration of the game. Lol, when I had the means I dind’t have the time, and when I have the time I don’t have the means. Such is life.

Another picture after a very loooong day. There should be two and three days tourney! I would have kept on playing. One was not enough! Though I would look terribly tired, it would be worth it haha

My boyfriend learned the Wulf mirror against me after we trained A LOT. But we still gotta go for a salty FT10! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

PS: My internet sucks right now, and it’s hard to play with foreign players, not to mention stream. Offline? If you read everything before you know there’s no enough local interest in KI. This may be my last round of my KI experience as competitor.

Good to have played the best saga in my heart.

Cheers to this great community! which is far from my home, but close to my heart :heart:


Thank you for sharing this! This is an amazing post to show all the work you have done. Good job though! Nerves are a killer, let me tell you, lol. Nerves are what keeps me from breaking my boundaries in this game. (And a few other things.)

Keep doing what you can Maru! Even though it may not get the support, at least you can continue to play a game you love and stand behind.

Also, don’t be afraid to play the CB game. If I recall in our match for the Wtf tourney, you stated you were scared of Kim’s Damage, but you took that risk in Counter breaking me, which threw me off my game and made me afraid to break. It’s ok to do and miss too, because that makes a huge statement in your gameplay. That you are willing to challenge me, and puts doubt in my head.

But congrats! I’m glad you had fun. Fight on!


Being KI fan is hard.

You are totally right, but it’s more a problem I have with my boyfriend. I lost most if the mind game in the tourney against him u_u
Wish there were more chances of playing in similar situations to get more experience. I still find wonderful going to tourneys!

yeap :stuck_out_tongue: Kind of…

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I think its awesome that you both play KI on such a high level! What an awesome couple! The king and Queen of KI!!! lol


Honestly Maru, I wouldn’t sell yourself short. You are right that it is tough organizing KI when it seems its fanbase is on the decline. I know people talk about the length of time SFIV and MvC3 has been played, but consider the long stretch of time between their respective sequels and the lack of good fighting games during that era compared to now. Plus you being female and the bias that receives.

But, all that being said, you’re a really good player and I remember our connection being solid when we played online. Remember: the majority of the people that went to KIWC or go to other tournaments don’t make it out of pools. They do make friends though. Even if you don’t have another tournament locally next year, at least you tried. That’s more than I have done.

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Awww :blush: , haha. At least in this place we don’t get a lot of challengers to the throne :rofl:

It’s more fun when things are a little balanced. The idea our level is similar makes it enjoyable. But I would say we are average. But in KI1 and 2 he has no chance yet :sunglasses:
Also our playstiles are totally different if you ask me. When I play standard KI players it’s something, when I play him I have to change everything. He is more neutral defensive type.

True, I do bellieve it would happen like that if I was in the US. I tried to go to Chile too, where the scene used to be bigger and it also has very good players. But I couldn’t go in the end.

And about the connection, if we played a month ago I was not in my home XD. However I based on what the net settings say. I have some parameters that are always the same, but when they change I’m thinking it will work awful. Still the last match with Rubb wasn’t that bad and we even played in Cinder’s stage. But KI’s netcode is marvelous. If I had too much lag I just wouldn’t play, unless is a friendly match.

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