A bad experience doesn't mean a bad game

What’s up guys? Hope everyone is enjoying KI. Anyway, I just want to make kind of an uplifting post here. I want you to know that no matter how difficult things can get, you always get to learn from mistakes and even from people who attack you simply because you try to be as good as you can be. We all know that all game communities have their goods and bads and sometimes it’s best to stay out of such groups and then there’s other times when they can be all you got. Nobody is great at a game immediately but with time and effort, you can definitely get better.

You’ll never be the best (many claim this but they lose just as many times as they win), you’ll continue to lose but the good thing is that there’s always something to learn from yourself and others and eventually, you’ll have some good win streaks along the way. If you got the wrong inputs, you can still keep going. Losing one game doesn’t make you horrible. If you want, you can get really good against other players in online matches and if you feel like you’re just not good enough or that you’ll never be as good as pros then stop playing, there is no shame in that. Nobody is forcing you and nobody can force to keep playing if you don’t feel comfortable anymore. After all, there is always single player mode.

Just because there are toxic people in a game community who come after you just for being you or you had a bad time doesn’t equate to playing a bad game. You can love KI or any game for that matter without having to tolerate the toxic behavior of it’s fan base, be it on forums or any other social media platform. Don’t let people pressure you into being better than what you could be. Get better only if you want to and don’t let toxic people masked with false identities and reputations force you into greater disappointment (even if said people are well known themselves). After all it’s just a game, some play for fun, for money, for recognition or whatever. You can enjoy a game without getting involved with it’s community.

I hope this helps anyone out there who might feel like they’re on their own here. Get good if you want or stop, move on to something less stressful and have fun, it’s up to you. And never let people, regardless of who they are, force you to be anything you don’t want to be, whether it’s with insults, false kindness or trolling, block them and keep moving forward. Good games and have fun.


Thank you for the good post @VladKravich, I hope those requiring guidance like this read what you had to say

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What did I miss? =I

I like watching fights online in twitch and then get distracted by the “chat”. I think I should focus more in the fight and less in chats.
And talking about gaming in general, I’m tired of this so call “I’m a pro, I’m the beast, I’m a beast”. I respect a lot those players that talk less and show more when they perform. Those are the players that I really like. I know there’s show involved when some players go on twitch and stuff, I also made some jokes ,but it’s just that, jokes XD


I like when they lose to a unknown player during in a stream. It is funny to see how bitter some of them get.


Yeah it can be funny.