91% Damage Riptor Combo?!

So, I kinda want to keep this tech to myself and keep it alive but…
It’s a little scary.

Granted, it’s the easiest thing in the world to Combo Break, and it requires all of your resources to do, AND they have to be in the corner, and most of the extra damage comes from the super unsafe Heavy Tail Flip opener…

But it’s still a little bit scary to think that Riptor can get that level of damage if you use resources. Just thought I’d share.
Not that I mind Riptor having some extra damage. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d figure a fire breathing robot dinosaur SHOULD be on the higher end of the damage scale.



I knew him well…

I did something similar to this a while back with Aganos because he could get a 93% damage combo using very few resources, and I thought it was the greatest thing ever, so I posted about it. Then reality set in and everybody tore it apart claiming how easy it was to break and what-not. It was a very disheartening time for me, so be forewarned! People may be callous and do the same to you. :wink:

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I already pointed out in my OP that it’s impractical as fudge, since you need full resources, an unsafe opener, and a bunch of easy to break moves to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:
I suppose it’s just something cool then, since it’s not exactly game breaking considering that the easy mode AI can (and do) break it :smile:

The difference is you thought you had broken the game, Fwufikins here already knows this combo is impractical so there is no need to point that stuff out to him.

It’s kind of interesting to try and push a character’s damage as high as it can go, with no regard for the breaker system. Fulgore had a 100% damage combo in Season 1 using instinct and a bunch of shadow moves (because of the pip building).

They’re just fun experiments into the game engine and since you understand this (that they’re not practical in real matches, etc), it’s cool. :slightly_smiling:

@GalacticGeek That other thing you posted was largely about the tone/context you used, that’s all. If you had described it just as a fun experiment with the KI combo engine, maybe challenging other people to get higher damage numbers or something, it’d have been totally cool. But you started to use language like “this breaks the game” or “nobody knew about this before” and such, which is why people needed to mention that it wasn’t true.


Correct me if I am wrong but, mid-season 2, prior to a patch, wasn’t it possible to still gain damage after an instinct cancel? I swear I distinctly remember going into practice and just dishing out as much possible damage.

I didn’t quite get KI during its first season but I do remember early-on into Season 2 how much damage Fulgore was able to do. Quite fun.

On another note, something fun to try out rather than trying to get as much damage possible is juggles.
I spent about 30’ messing around with infinite meter juggling someone with Spinals shadow projectile then finishing it off wit his shadow Damage Ender. Believe me, it was awesome! Jago, Fulgore, and Shago are pretty fun. I’m sure there’s more fun things to do like Cinder’s loops and whatnot.

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Yeah, I fell for my own hubris… Not that it matters at this point, but a lot of what I said back then was also sarcasm - it just happened to be lost on everyone… sigh


If ya ask me this tech is understandably fair, you didn’t do anything cheap to get it and that’s if you can keep your opponent from breaking you in the first place.

WOW aweosme job Fwuf I clap for you!


Opening the combo with instinct flames are her most damaging opener rather than tail slam. However the KV might blow out sooner with that opener I forgot.

I tried the same with flames opener (jumping, standing, and dashing) and only got 90%. Main reason I used tail flip is because it got me 15% raw without even getting to the double (I tested with a light manual to get a good damage reading). There are certainly ways to get more damage in a shorter span of time, but the fact that this is just so long is what sets it over the edge for damage. It’s almost 15 seconds of combo before the KV fills up.
Note: Wonder if I could boost the damage even more with a counter hit…

Dang. And I’ve been bending over backwards to get around 80%. Didn’t realize the shoulder charge linker did that much for her.