8 Bit Beatdown

You might want to let them know on twitter or something before they setup the brackets… Just sayin’

No. It’s ok. I meant I made an account on the site. I can’t Sign up at all due to my work schedule.

Gotcha. No problemo.

Signing up for next Sunday. Hope to see some of you there! :grin:

Almost starting let’s go better prepare in ranked. HYPE

I need to go somewhere unexpected during the tournament…! Who do I notify on twitter that I can’t make it?

@SLHiImKeith Is the bracket offical I know But i can’t find his twitter…

its fine, next time you can’t make it tell zombie on twitter here https://twitter.com/8BH_Zombie
you can find me here https://twitter.com/KeithAChartrand

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Bracket are live here this week http://8bitheartsstudio.challonge.com/

Ok. Sorry about that. Thanks for Helping!

MY BODY IS READY. LETS GOO. First tournament. Gonna lose right away. Hype is real.


Lost right away.


Reminder, this weeks beatdown is a prize pool of $1,000 for top 8 and top 16 get KI world cup points.


lets goooooooooooo

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However I have to work Sunday, good luck everybody else.

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Big week with money and KI Cup points on the line. Register before its too late.

I’m excited for tomorrow! :grinning:

At least get top 8. I’ve got money on you.

(LOL No, but honestly, I’ll be rooting for you! Show everybody that The Onryo is made to be feared! :smile: Good Luck! )

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hope you upload the finals…

Bodied! Back to the lab… :blush:

Lol It’s OK. Getting Bodied also means you will get stronger! In time, young grasshopper. In time…

I would like to do Sets with you to help you grow for next time! If you are willing! I need to show you a Omen and a Thunder I’ve been working on. :smile:

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