750,000 Shadow Points for Shago and Jago skins?

Seriously? Little steep, no?

I think it’s 75,000.

Still steep, but if you’ve got good Shadows it should only take a week or so.

It is 75,000. Not 750,000. It actually takes less time to unlock the shadow skins than the mimmic skins. Just fight 1000 point shadows.


I was just looking at it. Coulda sworn it said 750,000k.

I’m wrong, you’re right. 75k… That’s a tad more fair than 750…

Just a tad.

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Yeah it’s actually not as bad as you’d think. Ever since the skins released I’ve made 10k pretty easily from challenging and avenging shadows.

What are the easy 1000 point shadows don’t want lose 500 lol

You’d lose 1000 btw, rukizels and Maximilian doods are pretty easy.

750,000,000 would be a lot of points.



@rukizzel is the most entertaining person I swear you crack me up! Haha

I knocked out @rukizzel’s shadow the other night. Got my 1000

I went through all the 1k shadows last night. What a slog. About half-way to the Shadow of Omen skin.

Don’t be sad :slight_smile: It is like you are helping the whole KI community get their shadow skins :smile: you have been helping me every day, and have already helped me unlock Riptor’s shadow skin.