50/50 chances that one unrevealed fighter would be Guest

Now let’s make a checkmate:

  1. Will it be Joanna Dark?
  2. Conker the Squirrel?
  3. Shadow the Hedgehog?
  4. Jack Joyce from Quantum Break?
  5. The Unknown Protagonist from the Phantom Dust series?
  6. Captain Smiley?

Place your bets people.

Maybe none of them.
Considering that JD was the most voted char, there is a high chance for her (or Eagle) to be the first official season 4 announcement.

Most voted = high number of people paying for her.

Conker and sonic? You have got to be frickin joking.

I think all characters will be clones, because a new character costs more $$$ and no season 4 has been announced so I assume these 3 new chars are being made on S3 budget

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No to mentioned that only Kilgore has a fully composed theme.

Its obviosue the guest character (if it is one) will be Joanna Dark.

Ya it’s for sure going be Joanna dark if we get a guest. If shadow the hedgehog comes into this game I will uninstall it.

I would rock that “I Am… All of Me” theme he has every fight. It’s so edgy, I love it.

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Oh lord no! Conker and sonic will make KI a literal joke. This is where I roll up a news paper and whap sonic on the nose. “No! Bad sonic! You get outta here!”

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I’d take Broly from DBZ. Then just blast “10’s” by Pantera every fight.

Yoooo, the intro of 10’s with Shadow Jago’s intro would be sick!

I highly doubt any of these 3 new characters will be fully new. They’ll all be Shadow types like Shago, Omen and Kilgore.

The two chars will be completly new,

I’m sorry for my fanboy issues, but I want Genji in this game.

I expect Joanna to appear, why? because everyone and their grandmother wants her.

I have no idea how she’s going to play but she’s going to likely come whether I want her to or not.