5 seconds?

Have u guys seen the 5 sec briefing of gargos yet.

It’s not a briefing, it just shows 1 of his normals.


He kan reflect fireballs, reminds me of marvel vs capcom 3 ghost rider. He seems tall to. Thank goodness, what do u guys think?

You mean deflect lol

He’s beautiful!

He’s not reflecting or deflecting. He’s destroying the fireball completely.



Walk speed looks slow - you can see him begin to move back after each fireball.

…or is he absorbing them? (meter gain)
Yeah, probably just destroying.

after seeing him in action I still feel like he really should have a large tail, to fit that true draconic demon look.

the one thing that doesnt make me say destroying is that there’s a beam of light whenever he does it coming from his body.

have u guys seen his winning animation yet? its pretty cool!

He can’t absorb my shadow dragon kick

Well he can with Armor :stuck_out_tongue:

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