40% off KI figures from Ultimate Source!

Damn the shipping to the UK is more than the figures themselves…

Just got the Jago one. Woo!

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I will get Fulgore soon… VERY SOON!

Well Fulgore is Sold out now… :cry:
But I’m grabbing a Sabrewulf figure for me and a Hisako figure for my waifu :smile:

Tempted to get Jago, but I’ll wait for the special edition version.
Hope Sadira and ARIA get up there soon.


I NEED a Baedira figure in my life.
A Riptor figure would be more than welcome, too.

I know, it’s terrible! I was set to get that sexy hot rod Fulgore and that awesome figure…

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Pls kill me


lol I stole your Fulgore figure.

I’m sorry XD

Then I will take your Fulgore figure in your house… XD

What is that??? It’s like someone threw the pink panther, Frieza, and Cell in a blender lmao

That man’s name is Yoshikage Kira, he’s villain main in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure part 4! If you want more know about him, so read this wiki!

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Where’s the ARIA figure(s) at?