40% off KI figures from Ultimate Source!

Just enter KIDOOD at checkout for this dope af deal (lasts all weekend). S/o to Maximilian!


Damn, wish I had some income to dispose of…

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do you have any more concrete information on how long this code lasts, where it applies to in terms of u.s/worldwide, etc?


Awesome find, OP! Thanks - glad I waited to pick up one of these.

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I grabbed Jago with the code.

Grabbed Fulgore with this.

I asked Ultimate Source on Twitter how long it lasts and they haven’t got back to me yet ): I think it applies worldwide tho.

How do you apply the code? I put it in at checkout and was still charged full price for all 4 figures :frowning: I sent UltimateSource an email, but haven’t received a reply yet.

At the very end when you’re confirming the checkout there should’ve been a space that said “Discount” to enter the code. After entering it, it should’ve applied the discount before you checked out. Maybe it was only for yesterday? :slightly_frowning_face:

Well I did it last night. I may have missed a cutoff time. When I tried going back through the order, I saw there was an arrow next to the box for the code. I don’t think I hit that before I clicked to confirm order and that may have been my mistake. I hope to hear back on Monday.

Sucks spinal isn’t ready

Yea that was probably it /: Hopefully they’ll let you cancel your order and redo it with the discount, especially since you got 4! Super lit lol.

I’m hoping so too. Thanks for the replies, man.

Learn from my error, everyone! Don’t make the same mistake I did! lol

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The sale lasts all weekend!!

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Damn just when my bank account gets compromised…sigh.


I will buy Fulgore figure!

Omg I wonder I I could pre order Orchid figure 40% off!!

Is this discount worldwide and are codes redeemable on the PC port?

Huh? It’s a discount for action figures

Ordered Jago, Wulf, Hisako and Fulgore with this, essentially getting free shipping in the process (apart from a few stray dollars/pounds from the shipping costs).

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