4 or 5 frames?

I’m a bit ashamed to ask about this but since it’s not my field of expertise I wonder if someone can explain it to me.

If I read a jab is 4 frames but it’s actually 5 frames: what is that? which is the difference and what that extra frame means in the game? .It’s a non active frame at all?, should I consider adding a frame to every mode?

4 frame startup, active on frame 5.

I usually call these moves “5 frame moves” because they can punish -5 moves. Some people say 4f, some people say 5f.


Well, what do you mean? Are you talking on start up? Active frames? Recovery?

I assume start up, given the jab example. There are two schools of thought, I’ve seen. Several jabs in KI have four frames of start up and go active on frame five. People will call this either a 4 or 5 frame start up because some people will be literal (four frames of start up specifically) or they will be practical (five frames because it’s the fifth frame that matters most).


I just say that the jab comes out (becomes active) AFTER 4 frames. That way, it’s still true in both cases, since it’s not truly active until the 5th frame. Players who say that the jab comes out in 4 frames are wrong, because that’s not true, since it comes out on the 5th frame.

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Startup: frames where the move is starting
Active frames: Frames where the move actually connects.
Recovery frames: Frames where the character recovers from the animation.

Jabs usually have:
4 startup frames
Are active at frame 5