3v3 Tournament Idea

Hey guys, just wanted to throw some ideas out there to see what others thought of it.

I know we have a lot of the standard 1v1 tournaments for KI both online and offline which is great and all, but I was always wondering,

“Since people are able to throw their own tournaments, then how come no one tries doing different things outside of the norm?”

So I got to thinking, what if we tried team tournaments? I think the idea of team tournaments is highly underrepresented in the FGC at large and can definitely provide a unique experience that you don’t get anywhere else! I think teams of 3 would offer the perfect size for something like this and can add a new layer of strategy to the mix (who do we think the other team will choose first to play and do we have a player/character that beats them? Do we need a new character on the team so that way we can deal with bad matchups? Etc.)

If someone was to organize a type of tournament like this, would you guys be interested in either watching/participating? With something like this, depending on how many entrants there would be, then the tournament might have to be spanned over the course of weeks/months since you’d have to play at the bare minimum 3 matches to determine who goes onto winner or losers side. That, or would something like this be better suited for single elimination? There’s a lot to be decided on if something like this were to happen and it’d be fun to discuss these types of things! Who knows, maybe if we could all agree on something, I or someone else might be able to run it (I’m not the best in the world at running brackets nor commentary but we all have to start somewhere, right?)

Let me know what you guys think! I think this would be a fun thing to discuss and brain storm! Maybe call it something like Ultra Alliance or something.

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Team tournaments are fun.

If you want to try something unique, you should consider a ratio tournament. You assign a point value to each character based on how good they are, and then you make it so that the sum of all the characters chosen on a team can’t be higher than some threshold. This is particularly common in side tournaments for older games (for example in 3rd Strike, so that teams can’t just pick 3 top tier characters).

Dunno exactly how it’d work for KI, a game where most characters are “pretty good”, but it could be fun to think about.

I’ve thought about something like that as well although as like you said, it’d be hard to do a proper ratio system since no one can actually agree on who goes where in a proper tier list beside who mostly belongs at the top vs who mostly belongs at the bottom. Then you’d have stuff like should Jago be 2 or 3 points? I wonder what could be discussed that we could all come to agreement on!

Other thing I could think of for team tournaments is somewhat like a ratio system where you can’t have multiples of the same character on a team or not being able to change teams until the end of the tournament. We could even have stuff like themed teams like 2 teams of only Alliance characters, 2 teams of Ultratech characters etc. A lot could be done that would be fun nonetheless to at least experiment with! Plus I’d like to be able to get better at hosting and running tournaments and commentating if no one else was up to bat for it.

What would also be fun would be to setup an ELO ranking for the tournament as well if people wanted to try staying on the same teams. Like how high could Team X place in multiple tournaments and see if a meta could be found surrounding team formations.

Speaking of ELO rankings, I remember ElTroubleSRK on Twitter posting a link to an automatic ELO rank creation tool website but I can’t find it now. Anyone know what I’m talking about and if so, do you happen to have a link?

Seems like that would involve some kind of general consensus of who ranks where in the list, and we’ve already seen how divided tier lists can be. Sure we can assign top 5 and probably bottom 5, but the remaining 15 or 16 in between are the real issue. Do you have any ideas on how we can go about it?

In 3rd strike, the ratios were like 5 or 6 points all the way down to 1 point… I don’t think you need that high of a spread for KI. You could probably just assign 3 points for the top 6 or 7 characters, 2 points for everyone in the middle, then 1 point for some bottom 5ish. And then just ask each team to have one representative from each tier or something.

You could also do it by character representation if you don’t want to do it by tiers. So, like, you want to see more Kan-Ra and Eyedol in your tournament? Even if you don’t think they’re overly weak, you could assign them to the 1 point range.

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I was gonna say that tournament appearances would be the easiest way to start with rationing out points. How many times a character popped up in tourneys (maybe starting at around Top 32 seeing as how KI tournament info isn’t really logged properly) and work from there. We can adjust from there if some characters are extremely strong but hardly show up and vice versa. Once again, it’d require rational discussion on the issue.

This sounds interesting

Another idea might be to partition the roster into vaguely-defined archetypes and require each selected character to lie in a separate archetype.

That sounds awesome! It would definitely be an interesting spin.

Another thing I was thinking of is trying to run it as a round robin series. Since there’d be a lot of matches for this, you couldn’t just simply run a bracket for an entire day and be done with it so I think a round robin style would best suit how many people could theoretically show up.

What do you guys think, yay or nay?

Yay👍This is definently a fun idea