3D / retro stages. It still a thing?

We all know that a 2nd community fund are coming later and KI are stuck with 2.5 stages through a 8th gen console which is powerful and allow developers to do most possible things in games. So when we raise the budget of KI again i think this is a good time to have dinamic full 3D stages and make them retro if its possible. Or quite better 3 retro stages and 3 3D stages.
Its such a shame that games like MK4 had 3D stages all over the place and KI 2013 are always on 2.5 stage models.

Do “we” know that? Have they announced something?

KI isn’t “stuck” with 2.5 stages, it is the style of stage they created and went for.


What? KI is a 2D game with 3D models. Are you saying you want a 3D KI game?

Are you seriously going ALL THE WAY back to MK4 to bring up 3d stages? And comparing that to KI 2013?

KI 2013 and MK4 are WHOLLY different games with WHOLLY different objectives. In MK4 the goal (and they failed at their goal in that game) was to make a 3D fighter where you could move about the stage and use / pick up objects (interactibles) to use in the fight. NRS didn’t realize their idea really until MK Deception really…which was 2 games later, and 7 years down the line, after making MKDA where they completely redesigned the engine. MKX (9 years after MKD) was a further extension of that idea but in a 2D plane…and that only came after they had used / experimented with the ideas it in Injustice.

Bottom line, KI is fine WITHOUT fully 3D stages and interactibles (not sure if you we going that far). There is no need, or community desire as far as I can tell, to take the game in that direction.


No. We don’t need “3D” stages because that changes the entirety of the games mechanics.

And no, its not “Such a shame” that MK4 has “3D” stages and we don’t because that is not how KI ever has and ever should play.


Well we can’t even get a full set of character stages, so I doubt we’ll be getting any more period let alone stages that would require a full reworking of how stages are handled.

3D stages? Side stepping? Rip Omen’s fireballs. Hype beam is useless. You want a new game basially.

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I’d rather have 10
More static 2d stages designed in 3D programs

All ki2 stages and ki stages for season 4 designed in the 2013 engine. That’d be awesome

(Or just the ki2 jpg bg for practice mode )


we can upload our own image for practice bg how crazy is THAT

you clearly didnt has listen the interview given by @TempusChaoti on early January[quote=“UncappedWheel82, post:2, topic:9880”]
KI isn’t “stuck” with 2.5 stages, it is the style of stage they created and went for.

which is not a good thing. Even classic KI has some sort of 3D stages[quote=“UncappedWheel82, post:2, topic:9880”]

after the 2nd community fund succeed

nope. Just some new stages to be 3D.

thats up to you. Both games belong to the same genre and MK are actually one of the games that inspired the development of Killer Instinct. Midway has helped Rareware with this so… How can you say they’re COMPLETELY different?

Lets get stages for Mira and Gargos before moving on to retros :wink:

I think he means the rotating stages. KI never really had 3D stages. It was always 2.5 just that when you moved left or right the stage would rotate giving you the impressions of depth as if you’re moving within the stage when in reality you’re still in a 2D plane.

It looks 3D but you’re still only moving left or right.


Midway never worked on the game. They only published it in arcades and thats it.

Yeah I think this is what he is talking about. However wall splats and wall jumps that certain charecter has wouldn’t look right in a stage like that

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I`d just want some retro stages. KI2 Tusk stage was godlike.


For those who are new the KI franchise

KI used to have “3D” stages in the sense that, you played on a 2D plane, but that plane wrapped around the map, making it seem 3D

OP isnt talking about a Tekken style 3D, so put the pitchforks down.


Never! I polished my pitchfork and everything! I’m not leaving till I draw some blood!


Oh that helicopter super linker/ ultra ender


@CRIS178 @xNYKnux

The op cited mk4, not KI2. MK4 is fully 3d on a 2d plane…but you could move on the Z axis as well.

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Eh, you could sidestep projectiles, but it really wasn’t true 3D. Now on the other hand Midway did make War Gods around the same time, and it did have 3D…but was poorly utilized, because it still mostly played like 2D Mortal Kombat.

I’d truly love a rotating rooftop stage … but then I remember Aria’s Stage ultra and :sob: