30.11.2017 Update Breaks Game

The 45mb update that was released on 30.11.2017 has broken the game. Game crashes during the Microsoft studios logo animation.

Please fix this ASAP. Thank you

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Can confirm, crashes for me too. Also on steam community hub many people report this.

I believe its the xmas patch, someone suggested to change the date back to November 30th to get the game to work. Any date past November 30th will cause the game to crash

Was able to play quite a few games just fine, but now I get this same error. Game just crashes as the Microsoft logo swishes across the screen :slightly_frowning_face:

i can confirm game crashes on steam while microsoft logo

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Can confirm. Patch breaks the game at Microsoft logo.
Setting the date on 30th November fixes it.

Steam: Game crashes in MS logo , please fix! D:

Thanks everyone. We’re aware of the issue and are looking into it right now!


please do it before my daily win streak gone its almost 60 day.

Just wanted to chime in and say I’m having the same issue of locking up at the MS logo as well, though from @TempusChaoti’s post I probably don’t really have to.

This should hopefully be fixed now!

Give it a go and let us know!


game works now. can confirm :slight_smile:

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Posted the patch notes on the steam forums :slight_smile:

Steam version works! :slight_smile:

But I’m a Qualifier again :sweat:

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Same here. Wasted so much time crawling to Killer because ranked is ghost town. Now I’ll keep getting matched with qualifiers and bronzes because of that. Thanks a ■■■■■■■ lot, ig.

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Steam version no longer crashing, BUT ranked will not load, errors out trying to sync, then shows a bunch of placeholder text.

Getting the same thing here. I can get past the error by changing the system date back to November but still can’t get any matches. Surprised there’s not more about this here.

Just letting you all know we are aware of this and looking into it. Will update once we know more.