3 remix "extra" characters are really part of the next roster?

For now as confirmed before, these 3 characters (including kilgore) are post-season 3. But what if they are the first 3 of an all new season? Personally I think these 3 are just fill-ins until further notice so that way S4 has more characters to offer. Here’s a list of what I think we might be getting after kilgore:

Rushdown Glacius
Katana Wielder
Water/Sea Character
Babylonian King
Babylonian General
Wealthy Noble
Arianna (potential shadow orchid?)
The tsar
Magic Archer
Joanna Dark (final guest?)

Which one has more potential? Which ones are you most excited for?


They have been confirmed to not be a part of any season at all. This means they have nothing to do with Season 4.

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Of course but anything can change right? Remember ultimates.


But why would they be a part of Season 4? A Season 4 is possible but these 3 aren’t a part of Season 4.

A theory that was going around states that these 3 remix characters are the first of 8, meaning that only 5 characters would be left to be released. Then again that’s only someone’s idea but I’m also thinking that kilgore and the next 2 are (as said before) confirmed to be only some kind of extras and not part of any season.

Technically nothing changed in regards to their stance on ultimates. They’ve always left open the possibility that maybe One day they’d come, they never said anything like “ultimates will never come.” But for the three characters they straight up said they’re not part of a S4.

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I could be wrong but if I remember correctly, a while back they said that shadow jago is the only character that will ever have an ultimate. Now 15 characters will be getting ultimates.

A long time ago, they said that Shadow Jago is the only character in the game with an ultimate. They never said he will be the only one to ever have ultimates.

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@rukizzel Would you like to chime in on this doubt? I think it might have been said on a textual stream but I’m not sure.

Anyhow back on topic though, @Sasuke99I @SithLordEDP :

Found something:

If Ultimates are well received would you consider doing Retro Ultimates?”

“Just over a year ago, we adamantly told you that Shadow Jago is the only character with an Ultimate, and at the time of speaking that was very much truth. There were no plans to give more characters Ultimates. Somehow, some way, we made it happen. I cannot recall the exact conversation that led to Ultimates, but it happened.”


Might want to edit the title to “What idea would be best for Season 4” instead of the 3 remix characters which doesn’t have to do much with the topic but lets get to it. I would assume the katana character to be one of the three. The Babylonian King and General makes sense from a story perspective. Rushdown Glacius would make more sense as one of the three side characters. Lovecraftian would be nice. Basically all the ones the King Cursed, the King, and the rest depends on the theme of Season 4. Season 1’s theme was revival. It revived KI and brought back classics. Season 2’s theme was the rise of Ultratech. Season 3’s theme was the invasion of the Shadow Lords. I would like Season 4’s theme to be revival of the ancients.
-Babylonian General to start the season.
-Magic Archer who hunts the general.
-Lovecraftian teases return of a long lost horror.
-Sharkman as a product of Ultratech to prepare for the threat.
-Joanna Dark as a bonus character.
-Wendigo as the corruption of the horror surpasses even that of Gargos.
-Wealthy Noble summons the king as a last resort.
-The King to prepare for this monster.
-Shadow Rash is the ultimate destroyer of worlds.


Can I just be the 1st to predict that there will be no season 4? (this should make me popular)

May I ask why in your opinion?

Yes Vlad, the quote shows you were wrong and @SithLordEDP was right. At no time did they ever, ever say “we are not going to have Ultimates in the game.” No one ever said “Shago is the only character that will ever have an ultimate.” That’s just you not understanding.


Can’t be any more clear than that.

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You’re right. It’s crystal clear that you don’t read English. Let’s break it down for the challenged…

“We adamantly told you that Shago IS the only character with an ultimate.” This is just a fact. It says they had at that point in time not put any other Ultimates in the game. Which is true. But it doesn’t say anything at all about the possibility of future Ultimates one way or the other.

Hard headed stupidity like the type you are displaying here is exactly how rumors get started and are propagated. Stubborn people read something, interpret it wrong and then refuse to acknowledge that they’re wrong. Just sack up, read the damn thing and admit you’re wrong.


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Not to beat a dead horse, but you have once again made up words and inserted them into the conversation. “Challenged” and “mentally challenged” are not interchangeable. The same way “is” and “will only ever” are not interchangeable. And where did I call you “slow?” And you also don’t seem to know what racism or personal attacks are, which isn’t strengthening your case for excellence in reading comprehension.

I don’t like to argue. I hate to watch people repeatedly say the same WRONG thing over and over again. Maybe you can walk us through the pathway whereby “is the only” means “will be the only one EVER” which was your claim.


I wonder when the last one will be announced.