3 nade combo could be usefull

Just messing around, found a way to combo all 3 nades in one combo with 1 bar and instinct could be viable in a real match.


Awesome stuff! Thank you for sharing!

I think I will have some homework to do tonight ^^

Why didn’t you add the other bar in the combo?

Seems like a bit much for only 67% damage. I think you could get away with much simpler combos for an equivalent amount of damage. :wink:

I was just trying to show the most damage with the least amount of times the opponent could break

only 1 bar and instinct I think its worth it the amount of times you can go for a reset or the different ways you can make it hard to break for the opponent. Just showing the possibilitys of this combo.

This is a very interesting use of resources. The combo seems worth it with 1 bar and instinct, however I got to think how timing is affected by those grenades. What you the combo gets broken? i suppose the opponent will get blown up, then you can retailiate.

Here’s a 3 nade combo I did in a match. I think it’s worth it because the damage adds up quick, and there are few spots to break. By the end you usually have 1 nade recharged.


Good stuff I’ve been practicing something similar in the lab. Thanks to the help of @RGLOfficial tips and a few others. I keep wanting to play like Wulf (rushdown) instead of rushdown AND resources. Arby’s is “good” still either or but that combination together he’s insanely lethal. I still don’t like the flip out mechanic of S3 but that’s how I have to play and get used to. They said I’m in love with this character. :heart:

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This send more feasible in real time. It’ll take a lot if mind games to do this though.

Yea the key guess in this case was cmd grab after the flip out. I usually test em with it early to see if they know the matchup or not. After that, I don’t think I’ve been broken yet on the follow up recap>mercy’s demises. This will definitely change as more people learn how to fight Arbiter.

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Arbys resources are what really makes his rushdown effective, but honestly I wouldnt call him a rushdown char. The best Arbiter is a patient one. Force them to block with plasmas, control the air in front of you, and pepper them with carbine shots to set up his approaches (at least this is what I’ve noticed I’ve done when playing well. But everybody has different playstyles and personalities, that’s what makes fighting games awesome!)

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I also think arbitor has a very good mid range game.

Very true about playstyles I wish more people understood that. :thumbsup:

2 weeks out so much more to discover with this character and I’m l loving it.


I agree with you now Arby’s is not rush down at least on my novice hands hahaha. :joy:I pros make it look so easy. ( were it so) I’m still trying to find my place with Arby. All out war doesn’t work for me nor does patience. I’m not a fan of spamming bullets and bombs like I’ve seen other Arby’s do.

Arby is not easy to use.

Cheap Arbies spam Grenades and Carabine just like cheap Shagos spam Fireballs.
But once there are no Grenades and bullets anymore… they are dead.

Remain patient, have a good spacing and learn your set ups.


I agree and I’m trying :wink:


Getting even close to that amount of damage without a counter breaker will require two easily breakable shadow moves. One of arbiter’s notable strengths is how he can use his unique resources to create highly damaging, difficult to break combos–why would he not use them? Plus, you can’t think of this as a 67% damage combo. Midway through he activates shield, which gives him ~7% bonus health, so it’s more like a 74% damage combo.

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