3 Days away! Combo Killers @ Microsoft Store in The Woodlands Mall

Hey everyone! We are 3 days away from Combo Killers @ The Woodlands Mall’s Microsoft Store here in The Woodlands Tx.
This is a FREE entry event. Just come on down, Have some free food and drinks & lets #PlayKI
We will have prizes for Top 3 as well as Custom Pharroh’s Combo Killers Certificates for Top 3!
1st Place will win a special Color 10 Spinal DLC code, A General Raam Controller Skin and a KI Sticker.
2nd Place will win a General Raam Controller skin and a KI Sticker.
3rd Place will win a KI sticker.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask.

We want to Thank the Microsoft Store for allowing us to put this on and #FightSessions for providing the stream setup!

Please check out the event page here https://www.facebook.com/events/376875932705892/
If you know anyone that would be interested please share it around!


I realized i posted this twice, it wont let me delete it. sorry about the double post

Awesome work dude! Im impressed! I hope you have a great turnout and everything goes smooth. Good luck!

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Yea im hopeful too but i wont be working the them after this, its too much hassle and they dont even know thier own product… they making us have waivers for ppl under 17… because Definitive edtion is rated M…Long story short they have no clue how to run a event muchless everything going into it

But technically its not Rated M… its rated M for KI classic 94 and 96… WTF!?

Well that sucks… owell, still hopefully someone new will pick up KI from the event.

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yea it was way more than just that but oh well. i try to do what i can, we did add to our scene though and sorry for late reply @FallofSeraphs76

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