3 characters on Forbidden Archives?

Eyedol and Kan-Ra should be there. Please move Rash to Hatchery 09. That stage fits him very well. Also get rid of those hideous purple backgrounds in the Survival ladder and just put the stage art behind characters lacking stages.


I would actually prefer Rash at either the pinnacle or Fury’s Core

I don’t like Rash at Forbbiden Archive. It doesn’t really fit with him aside from the portal in the background. My answer would be to give him his own stage, but alas, that isn’t happening. Well, not any time soon at least.

and I hate the purple backgrounds as well. It feels out of place next to the other characters and comes off like a placeholder for something that will likely never happen.

Rash would be better on Fury’s Core. It’s probably the closest to a Battletoads stage in the game.