3.9 Rough Sets

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Your Mira is getting scarier by the day. Are you ever going to play her in a tourney?

Like I think a Surprise Mira would throw anyone off, lol

Good matches though. These Mira matches help me a lot. Helps me with my bad matches with Kim.

I would learn Spinal, but…


I don’t think he will use her in tournament. I’m sure he’d rather choose his mains than Mira.


Don’t be surprised if I ever use: Cinder, Jago, Mira, or Shadow Jago.

Spinal was always the main, but Jago came first, and Cinder started off as a “fun character”.

Seriously, Cinder was literally just a character I played for fun. Here we are now.


Is Shadow Jago your current project? Oh have you always played Shago?


I’ve played with Shadow Jago since release, similar to Cinder and my thoughts of “him being fun”


Season 3 Rough Sets with cP Flipz (Jago) (Shadow Jago Edition)


Thanks again for posting all these. Thoroughly enjoying the different characters and playstyles - nice to be able to get my KI fix even while abroad. :smile:


Glad everyone’s enjoying them. Just doing my part while I lurk in the shadows.
Also glad to see you hung out with the Japanese family. I’ll see them again soon enough.


I remember playing your shago on ranked about a week ago. You definitely play him differently than most! Instead of trying to defend, I was basically like “wow, that was pretty neat!”. Can’t wait to watch this set bastfree’s Kim!


Season 3 Rough Sets with Gam3r Kill3rs (Sabrewulf/Rash/Jago)

Season 3 Rough Sets with SDAGBAILEY937 (Shadow Jago) (Jago Edition)


Season 3 Rough Sets with Bastfree (Kim Wu)

Season 3 Rough Sets with Wellmore (Glacius/Aria) (Shadow Jago Edition)

Season 3 Rough Sets with Creepiness (Omen/Maya) (Shadow Jago Edition)

Season 3 Rough Sets with BinaryZodiac (Hisako)


@Dayv0 You should play with him for rough sets!


Can’t watch the videos now (at work), but how did Zodiac do? I’ve seen him posting a lot in the FB group, so curious about his Sako.


He definitely needs tons of work. Like I said on the FB post, if you’re not STORM, Frank, or LeChat, I don’t wanna hear it.


Which group is this?

I just saw that set. Lots of jumping, wall splat enders instead of HKD, almost unnecessary Descent cancels. Not sure whether to put that down to a lack of Spinal knowledge or just bad decision-making (or both).


Lol. Thanks for the vote of confidence :-p I was just more curious where he was at - said he’d hit the point of diminishing returns for Ranked, so was interested to see just how good he really was. I’m probably a bit more bullish on the utility of Ranked in general compared to most people though. Will definitely take a look once I get the chance. Have 24 hours of travel in front of me, so should be able to find the time… :sweat_smile:

@DoobyDude23 There’s a Killer Instinct Facebook group. I’ve been in it for a while, but honestly pretty new to actually checking it with any kind of regularity.

Jumping is generally bad (though Hisako has more uses for it than people might think), but wall splats are actually godlike with her. Just depends on what the mixups are after the splat, and how good you are at reading and punishing various options afterwards. If you don’t have a DP, I’m actually far more likely to wall splat you in the corner than I am to do a HKD ender.


I agree, but some of these were midscreen, nowhere near the corner. The HKD could have at least refilled his Wrath meter and given him a chance for a setup. Once you watch the set though, you might be able to give me a better idea of what went wrong/right.


Season 3 Rough Sets with xMoxyMayhamx (Riptor/Kim Wu) (Cinder Edition)

Season 3 Rough Sets with BxA|FrankTheHuman (Eyedol) (Cinder Edition)


Ah :sweat_smile: Charitably, those were probably all missed inputs then…there’s definitely no reason to intentionally do a midscreen wallsplat with Hisako.


Thanks for thinking about me @KevBones10, but probably I would be pretty trivial to beat XD

@UABass is a monster, one of the best KI players, and I’m just decent at best. I could learn something from the experience, but for Bass it would be like hitting a training dummy for 10 sets XD