3.9 patch ARIA / SADIRA WHAT? No way! how dare you!

How can I express myself on this patch? :grimacing:

Im so confuse :nail_care: tumblr_mwlwovZZEO1s8grxmo1_400

First of all @rukizzel you deserve it really!

I don’t even talk about sadira since its exactly what I needs and proposed for a long time. that change on the damage ender and the web buff damage back.

So fare I can imagine this patch, she would be perfect now right on my mid tier list.
my wishes all are become real.
so I stop there , with a thank you to the team, it took me like 1year and 3 months but

like always say my parents "“Regardless of the length of the night, the sun always appears”"

You bring it back to me :pensive:

I don’t know what to say anymore for sadira. thank you

Now ARIA changes.

Guys I love you so much since so fare I know Aria: theses changes sounds to me to be like a big BURFFs
I has some nice setups with the MK but it trhow always aria so fare that I could not press like I needs, and if the changes are just like said OMg it will be devilish, thank you

btw: I don’t see good aria players using or abusing from this tools.

iTs a buff since we can now use all 3 option after the the launcher ender and still be close of the opponent.
and I can almost see all these crazy setups who not was permitted because she was pushed too far and takes time to land, now it will be amazing , if its really what I read on this patch

Much thank you guys :hugs:

Its a nerf when used stupidly
so im total ok with this changes. since it wont even affect my gameplay.

iam also happy with the changes on autodouble mediums :upside_down_face: since now it could be used more as manuel since its slowed down the speed, most of the time I miss my manuals mediums since shes so fast and do a auto double when iam mashy.

In ONE word THANK YOU!!!

Now I have to go guys, ggs to all And I will see you on the Next KI on XBOX ONE X


This was my last thread guys

work done.


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You know, it’s not the “end all, be all.”

Stay awhile. Chat with us lovely people. :slight_smile:

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lol lolwhat i mean is that, im not gonna open any thread anymore, i just gonna like and laugh in the shadow of others topics, since i wil no get any reason to open a thread. my pleasure take is limit with this 3.9 patch ,:hugs: