3.7 Bug thread?

What’s up guys, just posting real quick, ever since the update today, haven’t been able to send/join/host exhibition or lobby at all with different players. Ranked is working however… I’m on Win10, anyone else seeing issues?

All bugs should be posted in the Official Bug Reporting Thread.

I was able to play Exhibition matches just fine.

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on win10? also, it’s literally matched me up with the same 3 people at least 5 times each lol in ranked

Nah, X1. Matchmaking seems pretty ok on this end.

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Should I be concerned that after patch 3.7 I made it through an entire playthrough without getting a single omen dossier, a Kilgore dossier, meeting a single mimic Kilgore, never met shinsako, and only found one of tusk’s extra missions that didn’t give me anything as far as dossiers.


Is it just me or has it always been the case, where if you input counter breaker (MP+MK) even after the FIRST hit of a shadow move, it will still carry that input on after the move is over and counter break?

Seems this is WAY too long to hold/record the input…