3.4 Eyedol


Ah, I did notice the game seems to run for a few frames during the switch, wasn’t entirely sure how.

Do all 6 frames happen before the freeze frame? I’m guessing yes because it seems you can always block after immediately, though I haven’t tested that scientifically at all.

My general point still stands, though. Usually when you change forms, you are in a kinda bad position, but if you’re doing stomp strike with mage, you’ll be close range and in a body well equipped to handle stuff (plus a freeze frame, like you said). For that reason I actually think Mage is a very versatile body, I think it is not super easy for people to deal with stomp strike pressure, so he can fight up close really well. You can try to block it out but the chip is a serious issue (does 2 health points of chip per hit, and H stomp strike is 3 hits, H + pip stomp strike is 6 hits… the H version will do 6 points of chip which is almost 2%, a few of these and you’re not too happy). It’s also a tight block string after heavy buttons so you’re kinda stuck if you’re in range of st.HP or st.HK which has lots of range.

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Are stomps projectiles or crush projectiles? I can’t remember.


They are projectiles. I haven’t thought about using them to crush incoming projectiles but it probably works.


No no, as in "they can destroy all projectiles, shadow, dissonance etc etc. Like his shadow bolt strike, or kan ra’s st.hk or gargos’ st.hk.


redacted cause there is a chance Im insane This extra data on the PIP strikes is really useful. Pips are supremely good.


As mage, from a good distance, you can combo meteor into improved stomp. About at 3 characters distance

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oh rly thats cool!


Can you combo stomp strike from a light attack? I seem to remember it not being possible but maybe I am misremembering. Maybe I wasn’t using the right light attack?


Had other people check and apparently its st.lk that works not st.lp, not sure what I was smoking. But yeah st.lk apparently works.


I am okay with warrior stance mage stance is giving me the most trouble because I cannot seem to connect his stomp off a hit confirm


As mentioned in the posts above, only standing light kick will combo into light stomp so you can’t really hit confirm it, however if you do it from a s.LK or a medium or heavy button you can just cancel and not worry about confirming as all of his stomps are plus on block.


Not true, medium stomp is -6.


It was but they fixed that but didn’t update the data, it had 8 frames of extra recovery previously which was unintended (but they wrote the data based on the unintentional extra recovery). This was changed in the big Eyedol patch and was one of the few buffs he got (this, making sure all the hits of his instinct launcher ender connected and shadow meteors doing chip).


Oh dang, so medium stomp is +2 then? Geez, this move is even better than I thought, lol.

I thought I had verified the -6 number myself in training but I guess I’m mistaken. I will have to change my Eyedol page (work in progress) a bit then.


I thought that was part of why you thought it was so good haha, yeah that’s an extra treat to add to the list.


It was previously -6, you probably tested it when that was still true.


Nah I tested a bunch of stuff like two days ago, was puzzled to see medium stomp at -6 so I thought I tested it but I guess not.

Even with medium stomp at -6 I thought heavy stomp being so amazing made up for it (ie, you mix up with medium to bait shadow counters and give up a bit of frame advantage, but it happens so fast that it doesn’t matter at all). But now with medium being actually plus as well, just randomly pick a strength and sometimes it’ll be heavy and then you can swing with a big button and counter-hit them and go back to more plus pressure. When you get pushed out, use a pip charge to make heavy stomp +5 and bring you back in. Meanwhile the guy takes like 10% in chip.

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yeah if you stick to using his Kicks this seems like a good plan. I’ll have to try out a bit more with this stomp pressure. Cr.mk remains amazing as does st.hk in mage mode.