3.1.5 Fixed Mural Artist Achievement?

The 3.1.5 update finally unlocked the Mural Artist achievement for me, which has been stuck for some time. The mural unlock popped during the DLC check, near the very beginning. Looking at my achievements shows an unlock date of today (May 27th), and not the original date I actually earned the last S1 ending.

Did anyone else have the achievement finally unlock? Hoping this applies to everyone that has had the Mural Artist issue (and not just me).

The same thing happened to me too and I didn’t even know it was stuck.

I can’t say because I have not met the requirements, but it may seem like it.


If you go the last page, you will see more than 20 gamers unlocked the achievement. Hopefully it isn’t a coincidence and it has in fact been fixed after 6 or so months.