#200 Special Rough Sets with SeaDragonKI (Aria/Hisako) Ft. Sajam FT10

200 FT10s with people. Pretty insane stuff. AND there’s a Group Sets playlist too? Which means FT10s with people fighting other people? Man, what a journey.

#100 had myself and @F3Sleep go at it, with the smooth sounds of @Sajam and his amazing commentary.

This time around I chose @SeaDragonKI, and what an amazing pick. I hope you guys enjoy.

Thank you again to both SeaDragonKI and Sajam for making this possible, and of course, the community.

Later. #PlayKI


But Bass, I thought you betrayed KI (Kappa)

Nice to see you posting these up.

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I believe I have 3 or 4 more Rough Sets that were pre-recorded. After that, that’s about it for that playlist (for now).

Group Sets are still a thing.

Why aren’t more people commenting in this thread? The Rough Set series is godly and I thank you a lot for them Bass!

These deserve a lot commendation for seeing new and old players step up to the bat and see how well they can perform! I’ve watched all of these and watch them constantly trying to learn new info. I can only thank you for pulling out the bell’s and whistle’s for this one by getting Sajam to commentate once again! I kept putting it off but someday, maybe, whenever in the future, I’d love to play against you in this game to finally test my mettle and see what I need to do to improve.

Thanks once again for posting this here!


I’ll check 'em out when I have more time, going to see if Incan use this to improve my basics :sunglasses:

Edit: this was apparently my number 1000 post and apparently only 43 other people have this ‘forum achievement’. Didnt know I was even close…

Hi Bass, KillerQueen here (from the chat yesterday) Cómo estás? XD

Thanks for sharing this, I’ll make sure to watch them later. Cheers!


Thanks again everyone. I just hope you guys enjoy and learn.

(Hello again @MaruMDQ) <3 Todo bien aqui!

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I’ve been following along for months. Sd to hear that you won’t be playing much sets and uploading them. I appreciate your effort though. Maybe I could play you one day, who knows. Thanks @UABass

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Well done, sir! Thanks for the great games!

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What happened to ARIA’s potential damage at 5:55? Looks like a bug.

Thanks for regularly contributing great KI content for us to watch and learn from. I hope you continue to upload videos as long as is possible for you. :thumbsup: :heart:

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Good eye, probably some rollback or something online. Lots of weird things happen online, offline you don’t really see any of that happen.

Thanks again everyone! More than a pleasure to do these.
I’ve stepped away for a bit to pursue and focus on other things, but I will also have the Group Sets playlist avaiable as well. Already working on uploads on there too.


Thanks Bass for these! Always helps me in one way or another. Thanks for everything you do! Hope to see more soon.

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This set was a blast to commentate! Thanks to @UABass for giving us such an awesome ft10. Some really unique MUs in there that we don’t see as often.