2 Weeks Till Kilgore (Jan. 3, 2017)

So as I’m sure a lot of you have surmised, there’s a countdown timer just about anywhere Kilgore is (most notably in the Store). At time of writing, it reads 13 days and something hours/minutes/seconds

This means exactly what it seems like: Kilgore is coming in T- 2 Weeks, on January 3rd, 2017!

This means that all the following weeks in that month will be dedicated to content we haven’t seen before. New Skins, New Features, New Balance Changes, and maybe even teases of another new character.

I was thinking he’d come out near the end of the month, but this is much more exciting! We get to kick off the New Year with Derp Bot!

I hate waiting. :rage:

He is still playable in shadow lords if you can recruit him that is.

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I actually just recruited him before reading this post! :stuck_out_tongue:

If this is how they plan to release these next few characters, I’m ALL for it! I can’t describe it, but this hyped me up more than any of the previous reveals. Being able to test the waters before release without actually using him. Also, that music? Mwah, got the job done!

Yeah, except I can’t get into SL because it crashes the entire game.

I love his sounds :joy:
bah bah bah… ba bah ba bah ba bah lol.

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