2 things

  1. @rukizzel when will we know about the new usage of KI GOLD? can you answer by month? like the next one or at the end of the season.

  2. is it possible for you to make a folder with all characters and KI logo good quality .pngs for me to use it for T shirts or screens?

I can only answer with stay tuned.

I have always wanted to make wallpapers for people to use, but haven’t had the time to do so yet. It is part of the reason you’ve noticed how I capture the photos that go on the site now. Trying to kill two birds with one store. Hopefully I can continue that trend.


With the size of your average Microsoft Store, you should be averaging higher than two birds per throw. Just need to lead the flicks a little more.

My worry is will we at least have the 18k détails BEFORE 29 match ? It Is a very odd situation, not giving us détails and waiting for early buyers to do a leap of faith, and punishing ones Who faites by taking out the 18k if You but the Game post 29.