2 questions

can she not cancel her dragon kick from a combo string. Seems like it only works when done by itself.
2nd is. How come her down,back, Medium K, done from a string, suddenly turns into her down back light kick.

You can cancel attacks that started on the ground, i don’t know about in-combo.
In what string, blocked? If you’re hitting the opponent with that string then its fine because that’s what her down-back linker should look like.

Instead of making a new thread I hope someone can answer.
She is NOT able to fire off the dragons as a projectile OUTSIDE of instinct mode right?

I could swear a guy I fought just did that. Or I never noticed his activation and it was just about to end.

She doesn’t need to activate instinct in order for her to obtain her dragons. She could get it by ending with certain heavy attacks, or from parrying.

Fire away, not obtain.

And also, certain heavy attacks? No. Just her parry & nunchuck ender.

She can only fire dragon cannons manually in instinct mode, yes.

If you reflect a projectile with Firecracker (instinct or not), you will also get a dragon cannon. But she can’t fire them directly without instinct.

Can you use her parry as a wake up move or will it get stuffed out?

Does her parry catch ALL physical attacks (highs, mids, lows?)

Decided to put this here since it’s 2 questions :wink:

I’m sure I have other questions. I don’t get to play as often as I would like so reading forums is my “lab” time.

Yes, it can be used as a reversal because it is active on the 1st frame. Yes it catches all physical attacks.