2 Minor Change Sugestions for Hisako


Change Suggestion #1: Reduce the size of her d+HP hitbox so it no longer hits behind her on an otherwise successful crossup.

As an Aganos main, I can be clear across to the other side and still get hit by this move. Visually, it doesn’t even make sense, as the blade of her naginata is nowhere near him on the other side.

Change Suggestion #2: Make her current counters ineffective against jumping crossups (or give her a whole new 3rd counter specifically for crossups, like d+PPP or something).

The way she visually counters doesn’t make sense when she catches someone jumping over her, attempting to attack her from behind. Having a new input and animation may fix this issue while also making her counters a bit more challenging to use…

No. Counter is already tough enough to use - it’s a legitimate guess half the time when done grounded, and adding a “third” counter to catch cross ups would be both annoying, and a significant nerf to her in certain matchups that are already pretty tough. We already have to guess on whether the opponent is pressing a button or coming in empty - having to react to the uber-ambiguous jumping shenanigans of some of the cast with a “proper” counter really removes the capacity to generate the fear that is a core part of Hisako’s gameplan. If I can’t make you afraid of counter, then Hisako is no longer a scary opponent to go in on. If she’s not scary to go in on, then she’s no longer all that viable; her defense is poor enough already - counter already loses to an awful lot.

If you think counter is easy, play me in a set sometime with your Hisako. I’m willing to bet I could pick you apart with just about any of my characters.

And believe me, down+HP already generally sucks against cross-ups. Aganos has a super fat hurtbox that makes him susceptible to a lot of stuff that doesn’t work on other characters - I’ve played Hisako since she came out, and our matches the other day are literally the first time I’ve ever seen it catch a cross-up like that.


Throw more rocks at her.

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I like your way of thinking. :slight_smile:

Let us know how it works out!
I could lab it out with you if you wanted, but I’m not a very good Hisako anyways so I don’t know how well that would work out.

I wouldn’t call the #2 suggestion as a “minor” change…

Season 3 low counter not countering mid attacks is already a pretty big nerf.


Which I wish hadn’t changed…

no thanks to the counter change. sometimes you’re better off not even doing it when fighting against really good players. they know to attack at the off beat of your rhythm and you’ll die using it. vengeance is at its best when you are fighting button mashing noobs, or guys you get flustered, or whatever.

as for the hitbox for her Cr.FP, i think its fine as is also since people still get around it

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Kek. Hisako is designed to limit your options. So instead of suggesting vengeance counters not being good on cross ups, why not simply bait a vengeance counter by just jumping over her? A nerf is not required when there is a simple alternative.

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