12$ to chat on Evo Twitch? Bah! - Join this Discord

Yeah yeah we should support bla blah but some of us are poor!

Poverty chat on Discord here. :slight_smile:

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I feel the same way. I unsubscribed from Maximilian’s twitch channel because all he does is have the chat in sub only mode. like the guy makes a thousand dollars from donations in one stream and not counting all the other revenues.

the even sadder thing is that even smaller no name streamers are doing similar practices. the day I pay to chat in a room no one has ownership of, is the day I cut off my nuts.

This is really an off-topic subject.

My initial reaction was the same as yours, and certainly I’m not paying $12 to chat during the Evo twitch stream. But…

One of the side effects of these economic gates is that it reduces traffic. It’s like a variable toll road. The Srk-1 stream chat was actually moving at a reasonable speed and contained civil discussions. With 25k people all typing at once it is just a jumbled mess. So even as an observer it made the experience better without paying.

are you sure you arent confusing it with Twitch’s slowdown mode for chat?

ya I’m sure. the message always appeared that I needed a sub to chat in the room

thats odd. Im at Max’s stream almost every time and the only time he turns on submode when hes doing storyline for sf5 or something.

beats me man. as I mentioned above I unsubbed. this was around the time metal gear solid was being streamed on his channel. things could be different now, but I used it more as of an example.

ps. thanks for being vocal about the level 5 Enders toggle. bless u good sir!


then twitch needs to introduce 2 chat rooms for a channel. one for subs and one for none. pay to chat is a joke

oh, ur GT resembles someone else’s my bad

…im getting that a lot recently actually. ever since evo started. Can you show me who my doppelganger is?

it some dude named shizzamjam or something. apparently he’s a professional commentator or close to it, for fighting games. lol

Paying to chat is fine, but TWELVE dollars c’mon… that is just silly.
Five or six dollars would have been totally fine. The chat was actually a bit TOO slow, not many people bothered subscribing to chat I felt. If it was 5$ many more would have, and the chat pace would still have been chill, and more active and fun tbh.