11 KI Fighters from My Own Imagination

Just what the title says. I created some lore and gameplay for 11 new killer instinct fighters. I am also working on designing them, and will update this when i have all of the pictures drawn. In the mean time, i would like to know what you guys think of these.

  1. Robert Sheridan: Ultratech’s Chief Engineer
    • Robert Sheridan is the head of research and development at Ultratech. Most of Ultratech’s deadliest weapons, from the improved Fulgore MK III to the upcoming Project: Sharkman, were his brainchild. Sheridan moves to a beat of his own, and just about everything in his lab doubles as some sort of musical instrument. When going into battle, Robert uses his custom built (and patent pending) Ultratech Personal Combat Armor. Fitted with rocket booster legs, laser-guided missile arm cannons, a laser helmet/weakness detecting scanner, and a sonic disruption pulse built into the chest plate.
    • Gameplay: Sheridan is first and foremost a zoner. Most of his attacks are projectiles, and he has very little up-close defense. His rocket boosters let him perform an enhanced back-dash attack which repels him from his opponent, or he can use the sonic pulse to launch them away. When he is far away, his missile-launchers and laser blasts are going to be your best friend.
  2. Samantha: Ultratech’s Trigger Finger
    • Samantha Farnsworth began her life as an assassin at age 16, when Ultratech took her in off the streets. They trained her in close quarters combat and shaped her into a deadly killing machine that they could use to eliminate public enemies of the corporation. During her time there, she grew close to lead engineer Robert Sheridan. The two are currently romantically involved. Sheridan also gave her the preferred weapon in her arsenal, a pair of gauntlets that produce a single laser from each finger.
    • Thanks to her gauntlets, Samantha is a footsie character. The beams have a limited range, and she has no other ranged tools. She is very acrobatic, and most of her enders launch her back to a safe distance. However she has no zoning tools, in fact nothing besides her swiping normals with the lasers even dose damage from a distance. She needs to be up close.
  3. Son Wu-Kong: The Monkey King of Legend
    • Born centuries earlier, Son Wu-Kong lives for battle. However, unlike other entities that thrive on combat, Son Wu-Kong has a strong sense of honor and always seeks a fair fight. Sense opponents of his caliber have long sense disappeared, he went into a hibernative state. Then Gargos invaded, and changed all that. Yearning for battle once more, he has come to America to enter Ultratech’s New Killer Instinct Tournament.
    • His attacks revolve around his staff, chi manipulation, and his transformations. His staff has long reach, and he supplements that with blasts of chi energy, which get more powerful the more successful combos (with enders) that he executes. He can morph into a tiger, eagle, or an ox for three different level charges. He also has a Shadow Jago teleport move, but it is attached to no attack and works best as a dodge.
  4. Stinger: Killing for the Queen
    • A mindless insectoid alien from another planet. Stingers are hive-minded organisms who exist only to propagate their species. Stinger’s do this by encasing a lifeform from the target planet in a pod, then infusing said lifeform with Stinger DNA. A Stinger egg was frozen onboard Glacius’s ship, and when the ship crashed it hatched and turned one of Ultratech’s search dogs into the new Stinger Queen. It transformed several Ultratech soldiers before they managed to contain the beasts. The Stinger it now used as a hunter drone by ARIA, sending them to abduct and transform targeted individuals into new Stingers for her to sell. Unbeknownst to her, it is propagating its own hive in the basement.
    • A fast and furious all-rounder, Stinger’s multiple limbs make for quick high-damage combos. It has an acid spit attack, and a forward charge. It also can hover and move around in the air ala Mortal Kombats Sindel.
  5. Project X: Weaponizing the Dead
    • Robert Sheridan’s next big idea, Project X took DNA from multiple Killer Instinct fighters, and merged it with the body of Adam Warburton, a deceased Ultratech soldier. Sheridan then brought the enhanced corpse back to life, fitting it with cyborg prosthetics that produce electrical charges, and pumping it full of Shadow Energy and steroids. The hulking monster now has only one purpose, slaughter enemies of Ultratech.
    • The closest thing Killer Instinct will ever have to a grappler, Project X is extremely strong and surprisingly quick on his feet. Think Solomon Grundy from Injustice mixed with a little bit of Zangief and Cole MacGrath. He has a running charge which ends in a bear hug that delivers multiple electrical jolts to the oponant. He can channel electricity into his fists to enhance his punches. And can combo directly after throws by channeling lightning through them at the end of the grab. All his potential combo starters have long startup time which leaves him vulnerable.
  6. Wildcard: Slayer of Gods
    • A fighter with a unique rhythm in life, at a young age Chad Bowman and his family were abducted by the Cult of Enyo. They killed his parents before his eyes and bound their souls to him using shadow. The trauma inspired him to fight demons when he grew up, renaming himself Wildcard, but as a coping mechanism, he doesn’t take anything seriously. The ritual also granted him enhanced speed and reflexes, as well as the ability to channel Shadow energy for magical spells.
    • Essentially Johnny Cage mixed with John Constantine, Wildcard uses spells to move his oponant from place to place, like Gargos’s portal maneuvers. He can call apon his parent’s spirits to either grant a strength boost or a speed boost. He also has small enchanted playing cards, easily the fastest projectile in the game. He has a magical talisman that can be used like Shinnok’s amulet in MKX, copying one move from his opponent’s move list, however, obvious physical differences between the characters can result in the copied ability not being as effective as the same move on its native character.
  7. Ditso the Clown: Laughs Your Head Off
    • Before becoming head of R&D, Robert Sheridan was an engineer in the entertainment wing of Ultratech. While there, he designed a series of robots which would perform at restaurants for children. The star performer being a female clown robot named Ditso (Robert Sheridan is very much a chauvinistic pig). However, to save time on programing, he used movement data from the Kilgore prototypes to build the animatronics movement patterns. This resulted in Ditso murdering a small child, Lacy Caddick, who happened to resemble a known advocate against Ultratech. After the incident, Ditso was decommissioned and locked in a warehouse. Unbeknownst to anyone however, Lacy’s spirit was inhabiting the robot. Driven crazy by isolation, and an inability to say anything other than thinly veiled innuendoes, Ditso enhanced herself with components from other scrapped weapons in the warehouse and broke out to seek her revenge.
    • Essentially Alisa from Tekken gone wrong, Ditso has a chainsaw on one hand and a flamethrower on the other. Her head is on fire and she has machine guns in her breast plates (isolation and innuendoes will do that to you). She has a scream attack which causes a stagger, and has a jumping slash attack which covers a lot of distance. The downside being a general slow walking speed.
  8. Yeyzas: Interstellar Badass
    • Assuming that Glacius had perished on Earth, the Alliance of Worlds dispatched an agent to Earth to apprehend Mer’ik Deem and capture the Stingers. Yeyzas is the most feared being on her homeworld and master of the laser whip. Her kelridium body armor is stronger and lighter than titanium, and is typically used to craft starship hulls. She obeys the person with the most cash, and will stop at nothing to accomplish her goals.
    • Killer Instinct’s Omega Red, Yeyzas uses her whip for fast strikes and long distance throws. One of her attacks involves her curling the whip around her opponent and rapidly unwinding it, turning her enemy into a top. She can strike the ground to generate a wave of sparks. She can also call in support from her spaceship ala Cassie Cage.
  9. FireFox: The First Draft Pick
    • Delia Maning made headlines as the world’s first staring female quarterback in American Football. She was quick on her feet, and very strong for her size. When she got running she hit like a truck. One day, she awoke in her penthouse to find the whole thing on fire. She had been chosen by Agni, the Hindu god of fire (and guardian), as a vessel to fight the coming of Enyo. Quickly absorbing the flames, Agni transformed into her preferred weapon, her football helmet and pads. Taking the name of FireFox (after her high school team), she set out to fulfill her destiny.
    • FireFox is Frost to Cinder’s Sub-Zero, with a little bit of The Flash mixed in. While she does have a flaming charge, the material of her uniform contains the flames, meaning that mostly she just heats up her hands and head to enhance her moves. Her commands are a little bit different. Light Kick and Light Punch are light/heavy punches, Medium Punch and Medium Kick are light/heavy kicks, and Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick are light/medium headbutt. She can throw a flaming football, and temporarily gain enhanced speed with Flaming Feet. She can create flaming vortex’s by running around the oponant which cause a stagger.
  10. Babs Young: The No Stop Time Cop
    • Barbara Melody Young, Babs for short, is a teenage time master from the year 2094. Part of an order tasked with protecting the time stream from damage, and ensuring history unfolds the way it should. Babs is currently assigned to make sure Enyo and the Shadow Lords do not destroy the planet in the distant past of 2017. Babs is obsessed with skating culture from the early 21st century, and always travels around on high-tech hover-blades. She also carries a temporal distorter, allowing her to create localized time anomalies while fighting.
    • Babs has unparalleled mobility, having the fastest walking speed in the game. She has a parry attack that functions like Bayonetta’s with time in Super Smash Brothers. Her distorter allows her to enhance her own speed and slow down the oponant for a good three seconds. She has a recall ability which recovers all her potential damage, but also teleports her and her oponant to the exact spot on the screen she was when she sustained the first hit. It also leaves her distorter and blades completely unfunctional while it recharges (approximately 3 seconds of recharge). This leaves her with no enhanced speed and only her normals, making her extremely vulnerable.
  11. Enyo: Ender of Civilization
    • The goddess of war and destruction, she is the consort of Ares and was responsible for his corruption to darkness. Enyo was the one who enhanced Gargos’s powers allowing him to slaughter the Ichoriens, and planted the idea of absorbing some of Gargos’s power into Eyedol’s head, ensuring his corruption. However, she did not count on the Ichoriens sealing off Olympus, preventing the gods from returning to the Earth dimension. Enyo began syphoning Ares’s power to break back into the mortal realm, which resulted in his death. She has been manipulating events, including the return of the Shadow Lord, to ensure that there was as much conflict on Earth as possible, so she could be at her strongest.
    • Enyo has a large blade situated at the top of a staff, which she wields with deadly precision. It is mostly for long distance poking. Up close, she had a mace attached to her wrist via a chain, and can control dark magic for attacks reminiscent of Mewtwo and Robin in Super Smash Brothers (Fire-Balls, Health Siphoning, Teleporting).

I do like…

  • Ultratech’s Chief Engineer
  • Son Wu-Kong (they don’t have an ape character yet. Something like Planet of the Apes can work.)
  • Stinger (an insect character they’ll need. How about various insects like a mantis, beetle, wasp, etc?)
  • Project X (like the zombie for Solomon Grundy. I do miss Lord Raptor though. It’s got Resident Evil vibes?)
  • Babs Young (a speedster?)
  • Enyo (I like her.)

I wish you can do more characters. I got a group page.


Honestly, those are my favorites too. Alongside Ditso and Yeyzas.

Robert Sheridan is actually the only character I have a stage design concept for, because I magine we are not going to get to many more of those in the future. That’s why i described his lab a little bit. I imagined that if you are playing on the stage, a Robert (or a robot if you are playing as or against him) will be playing the stage’s backing track in the background.

The design I have for Stinger is kind of waspey. But part of the character’s concept being Alien-esque assimilation was to give it an interesting way to make it different in sequels. Because the stinger in this game came from a human, while the stinger in a sequal could come from a wolf, or any other number of animals to enable variation.

Project X was intended to be more of a Frankenstein then a zombie. Largley inspired by Benviktor from Ben 10 and Solomon Grundy in Arkham City.

Babs was imagined to be more like Tracer, but a speedster is just as valid of a way to interpret her. The idea came from me glimpsing some of my Doctor Who merch while watching a DYKG video on Jet Set Radio.

I saw on your group page that you were opposed to possesed/haunted doll/clown characters. Which makes me sad because out of all of my ideas, Ditso the Clown is probably my favorite.

Sorry about that.

I was not a fan of the killer dolls. They are EVIL! Nightmares!
Clowns? Sounded like a good idea… but I felt its too much. Too scary.

I hope though that you can join this group I made. Iron Galaxy has to take interest in the character ideas I thought I put up.

I hope you can make more new characters.

Any thoughts for new characters yet?

An old witch that lives in a swamp (old women in fighting games are non-existent, and a witch is a great archtype for KI).