10th Anniversary balance patch thoughts

How do you guys and girls feel about the balance patch?

I’m having a harder time figuring out how the balance patch will affect my own player Kim. I still have to think it out a little bit more. I think she’s still going to be relatively low tier, but the anti-armor dragon kick was actually something I predicted I think I posted about it.

I think the orchid buffs is going to have a pretty big impact.

I think the eagle changes are going to be pretty interesting. There’s still a lot to explore with that character.

I was surprised gargos nerfed.

I really like the changes that they did with eyedol. At least it doesn’t make sense because the Stump loop pressure was really annoying for a zoning form to have.

Overall, I think TJ, Kilgore , orchid, fulgore SW tusk Arya aganos are going to be in the upper tiers.

I think Kan Ra he’s probably going to be up there too

Jago is kind of a wildcard. It is going to be annoying that there’s probably gonna be more Jago players now there’s already too many.:joy: I think generally speaking that’s going to be an annoying, matchup across-the-board


Glacius has some buffs and nerfs but that’s okay.

My brother is not happy with the fulgore nerfs. Riptor was not affected so I’ll be fine.

This patch has been long overdue, especially in regards to Eagle. I feel like Glacius is still too powerful, but at the very least, he’s reigned in somewhat.

While this patch will have impacts on the meta, I don’t see it as an overall shakeup to the tier lists, many of the characters affected still remain strong. The exception would likely be Eyedol and Fulgore, but not by much would their positions in the tiers move. Many of the characters nerfed in this patch are characters that were just absolutely oppressive due to these traits, and Eyedol mage mode was definitely supremely difficult as it seemed before, mage mode excelled in everything the warrior mode could do then some, especially given it’s shadow “invincible” wakeup move and how it seems to just destroy.

And they are also right in the fact that while characters like mine (Cinder) didn’t get buffed or nerfed, the changes to the surrounding cast will absolutely impact his worst matchups, like Gargos. Kim Wu though, if you had to declare a winner for this patch, she would definitely be the clear cut winner, though Orchid came out as a VERY good 2nd place. I’m sure @Jaranowska is REALLY gonna like how they buffed his lady.

Honestly, I think you’ll be very surprised and pleased at how much Kim Wu will change with just the little adjustments she’s been given. The increased range on light dragon kick, as well as the anti armor will help with Aganos, but what you also need to realize, is that Kim’s harder matchups are now weaker, putting it more in YOUR favor. Her walk speed buff will also allow you to walk up and more freely pester people with her normals, which she has good ones, as well as throwing out calculated special moves for openers. I actually see her climbing up a tier because of this, but be mindful you still can’t throw things out wildly, as with all the characters, every move comes with a calculated risk.



I asked for many Orchid buffs but none of them were added, including a very timely airborne-KimWu-attracted grenade that floats in the general direction of the opponent whenever they play as Kim Wu. #OhWell


I am admittedly a few years out of the loop when it comes to a lot of the current tech/meta for competitive KI, but IMO the changes all sounded pretty reasonable. I did raise an eyebrow a bit at Jago’s buffed DP and I’m going to wait and see how I feel about Fulgore, but overall I’m excited to see where it goes.

While my main Sabrewulf didn’t get any changes, a lot of the changes to other characters should be beneficial to him. Oddly enough I’m actually most excited to see how Orchid plays, and to see how the walk speed buff effects Sadira’s ground game.

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Changes are pretty good IMO. The nerfs to the top-tiers are fair, and it helps that they’re all getting hit at the same time. I think they could have gone a bit further with buffs for the low- and mid-tier characters, though.

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As the one and only Rash player in here, I’m sad they still haven’t fixed the battlemaniac combo. It doesn’t function correctly when you have shadow. It’s been dysfunctional since like, the Kilgore days I think.

Not a move I would ever use against a human player but I really miss using it in Shadow Lords mode because, well, it looks cool and feels good.

The nerfs however, I’m cool with. Feels good to have to do tighter timing to hit confirm after standing heavy kick, I especially like that one.

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I ran into Alex V’s Rash and he is still a beast. I think he’s still gonna be Top 5.

I wish they had done more to help Sadira’s wake up game and corner issues. Much of the cast can curb stomp her once she gets into a corner and there’s nothing she can do until Instinct.

Her walk speed is grand though.


Yeah, I think they said in the stream that he was ‘still going to be a menace’ and I feel that. As somebody who could barely get to Killer back in the day I admit I was crestfallen seeing him get bopped so hard in the stream but the more I mess with it the more I think this actually feels much better, if that makes any sense. Hits are more satisfying. Feels more earned.

But still, I hope they give me back my kid gloves combo someday. Might not be at all practical in ranked but it sure is great against Shadow Lords Gargos :slight_smile:

As for Sadira, I think she looks cool as hell with this new walk speed. If somebody walked up to me that fast and with that posture I would probably cry.

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So, I’ve run into a little issue where I now have 60 pro stars, where I’ve never had even 1 in my entire time playing online. Wassupwitdat?

It also seems there’s a number of issues with people’s inputs and other small glitches. Some weird stuff happening.

Let’s hope they’re going to do a round of bug squishing for some of the things people are reporting.

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Gotta say Shin Hisako’s orb speed buff is one my favorites. She still has to wait a bit for zoners, but there’s a much more viable mind-game for approaching them now.

Same thing happened to me, though it was 57 stars. Suspect I’ve had people immediately leave games on me because of it.

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I went from 1 Star to 103 stars. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

As a Riptor main since Season 2, I have to ask- what’s going on with her Flame Carpet?

I saw on Killer Instinct’s X that it has some kind of problem, but I’m not sure what it is. What should I look for? Thanks! :fire::t_rex:


There’s a weird problem with her flame carpet, but I don’t use her enough to notice it

That’s what I heard, but I couldn’t find anything out of whack when I tested a bunch of Flame Carpet-related scenarios in the Dojo. :upside_down_face: