100 KI Gold Grudge Match on Censored Channel (BLOW UP)

Can’t say his name on the site for some reason. Anyways, the defacto Spinal player’s channel will show the grudge match.


The guys isn’t paying his share of KI Gold.

Oh snap someone got the whole thing up on /r/Kappa
Here ya go https://imgur.com/gallery/dtrAO


This Eyedol is applying a Gawdlike beat down rite now.

That set was pretty amazing. And that Rage Quit at the end was the cherry on top.

Apparently Professor X is a KI fan lololol

What do you mean you cant say his name on the site? Which site?

Bass but take out the B and you will see why it is censored.

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The Juicy Deets of the aftermath.

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This dude actually isn’t paying up!?!?!?

Jeez man. How much of a bish can you be?

Lmao wow he didn’t pay up? That’s crazy man.