100% achievements lv 50 Kilgore. Feel free to brag :)

I have got back to 100% achievements and a lv 50 kilgore is now on par with the rest of the lv 50 characters.

Be proud if you also pulled this off :slight_smile:

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Congrats, that’s quite a feat.

I can’t even get to killer, so having 100% achievements is impossible.

Congratulations. I still need two more Kilgore achievements to be back at that 100% mark. As well as 6 more characters to 50. It’s quite the grind, but I still love it.

@xCrimsonLegendx if I can make it to killer, I’m sure you’ll be able to make it one day as well.

SadisticRage? More like MASOCHISTICRage. Kappa

I managed to get all the achievements yesterday too when I got the last achievement for Kilgore


I honestly don’t know how you guys get to level 50 so fast. My Kilgore is sitting at level 26, and I swear in I only go up levels like 2, maybe 3, over like 2 hours.