10/28 TEXTUAL STREAM - The One About WHEN We Reveal What’s Next

this seems awsome

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I’m concerned with some of the questions regarding game mechanics. For example, I think combo breakers are fine as is and so I worry that with this poll, they may make it too easy or too hard. :disappointed_relieved:


looking forward to the update

Thanks again guys for the hard work you put into the game, and look forward to the update.

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Shorter survey than I was expecting, honestly. Still curious about the results from the last survey… :stuck_out_tongue:

On the topic of white life: I put down that I think it drains somewhat too fast, and builds somewhat too slow, but I was to clarify that because I’m talking about very specific things.

I think that white life drains too fast on knockdowns. I think throw resets or other resets mid combo that knock down should be a little more rewarding, but due to white life draining when the opponent’s on the floor, you’ll likely not get a chance to make use of the PD you built up before the reset.

I think that white life builds too slowly for some characters, due to issues with damage scaling. There’s a handful of characters that have combo scaling applied to their linkers per hit rather than per linker, which makes heavy linkers kill combo damage. Also, for kan-ra, I think too many of his tools result in a combo that’s so heavily scaled that he can’t reach higher ender levels at all unless he spends meter.

Also to follow up on what infil said, when I updated to anniversary my computer crapped out to the point that I had to do a clean windows install. It also temporarily broke dualshock 4 compatibility. HOWEVER, I haven’t had anniversary-related issues since then, so…I dunno, silver lining I guess. “My house burned down, but at least I didn’t burn down.”


Hey guys. Please discuss the survey questions in this thread: OFFICIAL Combat Survey Discussion Thread

The combat team will be reading.


Been a while since we’ve seen you post, but I see you creepin in the likes. :heart: Thanks for doing your thing, keits.

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too busy flexing


aww man love seeing you post stuff your a boss lol ^^

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Can this replace the mimics? Something like the mimics being a failure on aid Gargos with his invasion and the Omens has mastered this technique and now all mimics are replaced by shadow mimics.

Yep. Make Omen mimic everyone else.

Really excited to see what all’s in store!!

I hope its Shago & Omen accessories.


YEEEUUUSSUUHH. :slight_smile:

I hope they do more holiday-related stuff. A Composite Santa Eyedol (half Santa half Frosty) would be epic, as would a retro Spinal color that made him look like he was made out of candy canes. Also a ginger-bread colored Kan-ra with a white sand effect to make it look like sugar.


I have some doubts about the method of purchase of the guards, I had 100,000 astral gems, and I spent all in duplication … this is because the purchase is at random. It would be nicer a real market where you know what you buy and how much it costs. Luckily I did not spend KI gold, or I would have lost them unnecessarily. Alternatively you need to greatly increase the prize astral gems. it is frustrating not to have never enough gems for extraordinary packages.

Block breaker huh…hmmmmmmm

Yo calling it now Shadow Ultra’s…

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I noticed some drawings in Versus are ugly. Orchid is too large, Mira needs softness and some bevel. ARIA is perfect … if I could do, I would like to arrange them. :slight_smile: and videos sometimes show the pixels … I think you need to take care of most of KI graphics, some things are done badly and quickly.

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Shadow Skins/Costumes?
That makes sense to me. Here’s hoping.

I like where the survey was going - Personally though, I’m realizing my ‘issue’ with current KI is the loops and resets. Given some characters have far far more potential with resets (Read: characters with flipouts) I almost wish there was something along the lines of a secondary KV Meter. As in, after so many loops/ambiguous mixups the overall damage output of successive combos without interruption decline in damage output.
Just thoughts from a slightly above average Spinal main.

Shadows? Shadows are purple. Mimics are green. Purple skins for everyone? Purple lifebars? Purple instinct bars? Purple shadows(the black ones)? Why are the forums not purple and green?

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