You should be able to earn characters like SF5

You do realize that VG Chartz ESTIMATES RETAIL SALES don’t you? KI is a downloadable game, sold / controlled only by MS (MS doesn’t release its digital sales figures). Trying to measure how much KI has sold / money it has generated since release in 2013 is nigh-impossible. Also, realize that KI didn’t get a physical release until October of 2014 when Season 2 released, thus why VG Chartz has N/A covering most of the time KI has been on the market.

As many have pointed out, your logic is flawed, and as I just pointed out, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about regarding KI sales figures. I get your sentiment about “widening the funnel” and all to maybe…probably…get more sales, but KI is SEEMINGLY is doing fine as is, and with the PC release it will only do better.

If you are interested, you should read this…

Here Phil Spencer talks about KI and its success…wait…what? Success? KI is failing right? Looking for the PC release (that the COMMUNITY clamored / pushed for mind you, not MS) to…save…it?

:unamused: Uhh…right.