Yo everyone whats up

Today, I lose at 8bit beat down tournament because EMPEROR REBELO defeat me. :frowning:

Sup, just gonna say right now don’t like the 15 character minimum.

15 characters really isn’t much, and it aims to keeps posts at least somewhat quality (getting away from replies that didn’t really add to a conversation). You can ask @CStyles45…It used to be more. It used to be painful!

Agreed, trust me, the way it was before was much much worse. This is a nice compromise.

I understand the purpose, but still I find it annoying when I want to chime in with a simple response such as “sup”

Well anyway I hope your all doing well.

…We did?


I swear I’ve seen the name. You played Fulgore or Riptor I think.

Your only half right, my main is Riptor and Glacius

Hey, Blue Riptor. Doing just fine and a-okay. Same to you?

The muddoke- I mean forum members are slowly coming together. :slight_smile:
Welcome back, Blue. Good to see some familiar faces in these strange new lands.

Yeah, A-Okay. doing fine over here

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Cool man and glad to hear that from you too