XBOX 360 Controller not working with KI anymore since update

Has the Madcatz 360 SFIV Fightpad issue been fixed yet?

just tested the game with my PS4 TE2+ with the xinput-driver. nope, still not working.

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Just tested the game with my Xbox 360 controller (nothing else installed, everything original) and is working fine. I thought the TE2+ was using the same hardware of the controller.

failed to note that I’m using the PS4 one. which should still work though thanks to the driver where one can switch between XInput and and HID. every other game that expects an XBox controller works just fine with this.

3 official updates and my controller is not working yet… It’s been months, I’d love to play this game again…(No I won’t play it with a Keyboard, it’s worse than not playing at all.)


Yeah my 360 wired mad katz street fighter iv controller hasn’t worked since the previous update (the first Shadow Lords update). It worked fine before then, but not since then. The weird thing is that my controller was working fine with the Beta Shadow Lords, but stopped working when the full SL update came out.

The controller works fine with all other games, it’s just KI that doesn’t work. The game seems to not be recognizing the controller at all, despite it being plugged in and working with other games.

I really hope there is a fix for this issue soon. I really like using my mad katz controller.

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My original 360 pad works fine on KI it’s just my Madcatz SFIV Pad that doesn’t work. :frowning:

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well who knows when it will be fixed. I had enough of this and downloaded XOutput which is a xinput wrapper for direct input devices. I’m using a PS4 TE2+, set the stick to PS4-mode, switched the driver to HID and configured XOutput like this:

now my TE works just fine. make sure though to disable the right stick in the KI controller settings. you can probably also use it for XB360 or XBO controllers which refuse to work. check out your game controller in the control panel to see which button is referenced by what number.

my Xbox 360 versus controller (this kind) hasn’t worked since the shadow lords update. I haven’t played the game in a while but I wanted to get back into it only to find it sitll hasn’t been fixed.

controller seems to work with everything else

My Madcatz Street Fighter IV pad is working again… I am on the Windows 10 Insider fast ring build that was released yesterday.

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That’s awesome to hear!