WTF with disconnect BS all of a sudden

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If you have a nothing nice to say. Don’t say it.


There’s so much beef on this forum. Reminds me why I stopped posting.


I just realized something. Op had rudeness and truth. I reply with some rudeness and truth. Then I get replied with rudeness and truth XD. The new rudeness and truth thread. My matches are laggier lately though.


Let’s stick with the rudeness and get rid of the truth…

Wait! No! What I meant to say is…

…nevermind. :sweat:

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■■■■■ you…Kappa.

Do not use public posts and threads to flame; take personal arguments to PMs.


it was kinda evil to open SL and all of your items are missing. Including 4 SL gems !!! :scream:
THANK GOD it was just the internet… :disappointed_relieved:

I didn’t find AddictedToKaos original post rude at all, but rather just really frustrated. In terms of threads placement on the forums, it can go either way. I read the thread as something more to do with the general lagginess of online play of late, rather than a specific glitch.

Personally speaking, I think we all could be a bit nicer with one another. As the moderator has already said, if anybody has a beef with one another, take it to PMs, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being civil.

Then again, I could also be partial to Addicted as we were wulf packmembers long before I became a turn coat and went Sadira. :smiley: Then again… Once a wulf packmember always a wulf packmember. :smiley:

As for myself… I haven’t seen a lot of lag, but then again, I haven’t been playing that much lately due to grinding in Destiny.

@developers will deny this fact I’m going to state or ignore it.

The original developers of this game and its game engine , double helix, had a much stricter ping limit set in the netcode . It was between 100-150ms max, anything higher would cause matches to crash.

After IG took over and continued developing after DH took the amazon deal, IG decided to increase the ping limit. Right now its in the 200-250ms ballpark or higher.

The original intent was to get overseas players connected as they would constantly complain about online being dead, then to artificially inflate a withering us playerbase.

With that came the ranked point scrubs that lag switch. Since the ping limit is set too high, lag switch spikes no longer crash matches 90 percent of the time, savvy cheaters have caught on to this, hence why these odd lag spikes tend to happen at crucial moments in your offense or defense.

Its an old fps gimmick that works for ki online. Thats what happens when you set the ping limit that high to accomodate people that shouldnt even be playing online, while neglecting to add filters for regions or connections, and no way to determine connection strength, all basic things most fgs have…great job…you’ve killed KI online

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You have zero proof of this. Flagged.

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What? I did not see any facts. Proof or BS

The changes were actually listed in one of the very early season 2 patches, and there was a discussion about it on multiple threads in very early season 2. It was even discussed on the old double helix forums before these forums were created. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to old wiped data. I’m glad that my post was flagged, I’m not lying and having nothing to gain by doing so, I hope the developers clear it up for you.

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Btw my post was not intended to be mean or anything. I’ll check it out and edit my comment if I am wrong. Sorry. Your post is slightly contradictory though.

Its fine, im from new jersey ive got thick skin. Point taken, all I have is my word. Heresay or circumstantial at best.

My ping rarely jumps over 100ms ping, much less 250+, and yet I still auto-disconnect in lobbies of 5 players or more… Is there a connection perhaps?

This is a tried and true argument. And the developers know that lag switching happens. I mean it isn’t hard to create a lag switch to begin with. You can create a junky one with just a light switch and an ethernet cable.

This however isn’t just a problem in KI, it also happens in FPS and FPS hybrids like Destiny, where people conveniently develop bad connections to gain advantages.

While it would be nice to have stricter settings, the reality is, to do so would ruin the experiences of people who can’t afford top of the line internet, or simply live in areas where the best of the best is unavailable. It is my opinion that if your internet is THAT bad, you shouldn’t be playing online, but that is just me.

Geek that might have to do with the stability of your network and your router settings itself.

My NAT is open, everything’s hardwired, and all of my network settings have been triple-checked by myself, AT&T, and independent networking specialists. I’m getting everything out of it that I possibly can without actually getting better Internet (which my ISP refuses to give me because it’s not affordable or cost effective for them to implement where I live).

Then it is your router. I had a friend with the same issue, and he had issues until his router was replaced. The routers ISP’s generally give are cheap of the cheap. You might want to invest in your own 2-wire modem/router combo.