Will we see Performance upgrades in future updates?

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but MKX netcode is terrible.

I mention that because KI’s netcode is actually very resource intensive. Most roll-back based netcodes are very heavy because of all the calculation you need to check if the current state of the game is valid and then you need to have a large memory pool to keep the old state and revert to it in case of a desync. I remember in a stream that the KI devs mentioned the physics simulation of KI runs at something like 90fps because of the netcode.

MKX uses a very simple input-lag based netcode. No previous state is kept, the game just sends your inputs before actually rendering them and waits for the other machine to confirm it received the inputs before you see the animations.

Recently they updated MKX’s netcode to a rollback based one but guess what! The PC didn’t receive this change.

That we can agree on, they don’t care about PC players on MKX.

I also play MKX at 60 fps at 1280x720 with settings set to medium and 50+ fps on the benchmark so I dont see why I should be getting problems with the performance test in KI

Your PC seems not powerful enough to run this game,try updating your graphics card or CPU.

Are you running KI performance test at 720 with reduced visuals?

Also, two different games. As I said, KI’s net code is orders of magnitude better than MKX and pretty heavy on CPU usage.

Im running it at 1024x768 resolution with all the settings set on low and with some Nvidia control panel tweaks for more performance. Im getting 887/1000 on the results screen but Im 100 % sure the game is running at 60 fps just by looking at it.
I have also done the test on the lowest possible resolution with the same graphical settings and I got 1112/1000 but the framerate was absolutely the same and as well as I can see the game performed the same way as when i did the test at 1024x768.
My CPU or GPU may be old now but I still think that Microsoft should add more graphical options to the game in general.

It needs to run at 60 at all times. Probably you’re running at 60 except when Cinder on the test starts doing several combo and counter breakers and spreading particles all over. The test was specifically designed to detect such situations.

And at the lowest settings the game pretty much turned off everything that would help. Textures are of lower resolution, AA is off, shadows are hard, not soft and the game lacks bloom and reflections. Pretty much all that’s left is reduce resolution.

What do you believe could still be done?

There should be an option to turn shadows completely off. I dont know I dont understand much about graphics in general but I do know that the reason the requirments are set the way they are is because the game is running as a windows store app. Maybe thats one of the reasons the game has such weird requirments for a 2013 game. Maybe if they port it to another engine it would be different, but that probably wont happen. Another thing might be adding DX12 but as I read above people have discussed this.
I guess all thats left for me is either to wait for graphical updates or just play with the lower resolution untill I get a new PC sometime in the future.

Hard shadows are cheap to do, games did hard shadows since before GPUs became programmable and had no problems.

Many games before the UWP (the “Windows Store” API) had a borderless full screen option and worked pretty well. Most of them lost one or two frames per second at most and some didn’t lose a single frame.

So there is absolutely no evidence the game would benefit from either removing shadows or running full screen. Most probably we’re talking about one or two extra frames here, something that won’t help if you’re already below the 1000 points the game requires.

Again, MKX on PC uses an input lag based netcode. That means it can run a little below 60fps for a few moments, the game will simply transform that in more input lag. KI’s netcode is much less forgiveable about dropped frames, it needs perfect frame sync between the two machines, meaning if you lose a frame your opponent loses a frame. For that reason the performance test is probably very strict, if you drop below 60fps just for a few moments during the test it won’t give you the 1000 points it needs to run.

How can I check how many frames im getting in the test? : ( It shows only the score

Right now you can’t, fraps and other frame counter overlays don’t work.

I know it’s sub optimal but if you managed to run the game at a lower resolution then go for it. The Xbox version runs at 900p and I played it since release (and back then it ran at 720p). For what I can notice you’re actually matching the Xbox One version in terms of visual quality with a pretty outdated GPU.

I’m guessing you are trying to play on a laptop - sorry but there is very little they can do to further optimise without making the game look like ■■■. You might have to bite the bullet and upgrade - or just play at a low resolution as you’ve already found is a valid option.

The only performance issue I’ve myself encountered so far is some screen tearing can go on sometimes during like intros or outros, I don’t think I’ve really seen it in the gameplay though.

Normally I’d go to NVIDIA Control Panel and put on the full VSync thing from there and that usually fixes that in other games I’ve encountered such tearing.
But I guess because of the UWP stuff one can’t get KI into the Control Panel.

So I guess that tearing is something for them to fix too.

I’m not using the very latest NVIDIA driver, mine is from like August 2015…I don’t mess with the driver stuff unless there’s a great need, and I dunno if that would make a diff anyways.

My main issue that I’ve noticed is that sometimes the game will run like crap but then after I restart my computer, it works perfectly. Idk if it’s a cpu problem or if what, but it really annoys me.

#biting the bullet

Going to play online on a low resolution and use the higher one when playing local offline on a tv or something idk.

Wait for Nvidia to release drivers for Killer Instinct. But watch out, their latest ones destroy GPU`s, so you gotta wait until they get their ■■■■ together.

Maybe good drivers would give some fps boost.

What do you mean it destroys GPU’s ?
I have the 364.72
I sure hope you dont mean it literally will break my GPU…

Whoa, I guess I should roll back to the old Nvidia Driver then…