Why not apply part of 3.4patch?

rash frame patch

aganos storm walk frame patch

thunder hp invincible patch


this is on 3.4patch note, but not apply now.

i think It will be more

plz irongalaxy

patch apply check!! plz!!

I am very confused by what you are trying to say. Patches don’t apply in portions, either you downloaded the patch or you didn’t.

Are you talking about the in-game (training room) frame data? Because it’s well known that a lot of that info is outdated. I’m sure the devs are aware, it’s likely just low priority.

You read the patch notes, right? If so, you have the correct information. I don’t remember anything about Thunder’s HP DP though. LP DP lost it’s invincible properties.

Or am I misunderstanding you?

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I don’t understand what do you mean…

But they changed eyedols so that means it came to mind and they started by why didn’t they finish.

Huh, I’m very confused with this thread o_O

They changed Eyedol’s in-game frame data? In the ‘attack data’ box in the training room, or in the command list? Or both? Anyway, I hadn’t noticed. My bad.

Though, considering Eyedol, they pretty much re-did the whole character, so I can see why his was ‘prioritized’ over others. I do hope they get around to correcting all of it though. Should probably give it a mention here: Season 3 Practice/Dojo Modes