Why KI (4) NEEDS to maintain its T-rating

Exactly, which is why I strongly disagree with someone who would replace those kind of characters with more humans. We can add more human characters sure, but most fighting games limit you to human characters anyway. But this is about the rating system and not the roster itself.

Well, I think he means Sabrewulf doesn’t really look wolf-like here. Sabrewulf kind of resembles a Black Labrador (which isn’t a bad thing imo since dogs and wolves are genetically similar), albeit a slightly wilder version.

In terms of rating, I could care less if it is either M-rated or Teen, just so long as the quality of the game itself were good, if not great. I mean, even the originals themselves were rated T. It’s mostly the animated cutscenes that had the odd graphic detail such as Fulgore holding a flayed scalp that hinted at anything gruesome. That said, however, I do worry about developers using the T-rating to cut corners and as a way justifying the lack of quality. The Ultimates in this game are (mostly) an example of that.

KI was never really “gory” anyway, so staying along the same lines as KI2013 is fine. The amount of blood and violence was about right for KI in my opinion. Sure, I will miss the sexual aspect which would push it over the edge, but I agree that KI should maintain this course so it can be widely played.

Something to take into account here is what you cab get away with having a Teen rating.

Take Terminator 2 for instance. in the UK it was given a 15 rating (you must be 15 or over to watch it) and considering the violence (one guy gets impaled through the eye, another through the throat, a guy gets thrown onto a cooking stove etc) you might be surprised.

I say keep the Teen rating not to please anybody but because I honestly don’t feel they could achieve more with an 18. More mature stories I hear some say. Trust me watch Justice League or Batman animated series from back in the day and some of the stories are really adult and mature.

Blood and gore? KI was never known for that. When I used to play KI in the arcades me and my friends were talking about the combo system, and the iconic characters.

Oh definitely! By the same token, though, I wouldn’t want the Teen rating to be an excuse for putting out subpar products/products of lesser quality (ie the Ultimates and story in the 2013 game being such examples).

Indeed. There was some good stuff.